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Representative park
Park which is done of cherry blossom viewing

Harbor View Park (Minato-no-Mieru Oka Koen) (Naka Ward)

Park not to be able to take off from sightseeing course of Yamate. Scenery of port and Yokohama bay bridge opening under eyes from observation deck is the best.

This whole area is British troops, place where French military was stationed below at the time of the opening of a port on the hill in foreign settlement.
We received interest-free loan of national land by local request, and, after the derequisition, the acquisition of site was carried out as park and entered maintenance at 1961 and opened by tape cutting of the Mayor of half well where it should be said with biological parent of park in melody of "hill where port was seen" which sang of Aiko Hirano in May, 1962 as scenic park.

Thereafter fragrant, high facility of culture including modern Literature Museum is opening in sequence in Jiro Osaragi Memorial, 1984 in British House Yokohama, 1978 that were France-Yama area of consulate ruins of France, consul general official residence of the U.K.

In addition, French Bridge linking France-Yama to doll's house in the same year is opened, and foghorn Bridge binding Literature Museum together in the Jiro Osaragi Memorial and modern times in October, 1986 is opened by design of Mr. Shizutaro Urabe same as both halls.

In May, 1991, rosary of approximately 110 kinds of 1,300 was released as establishment memory of rose which was flower of city.
Tree planting construction is over on April 1, 2016, and area that was rosary is reopened so far as <garden of English Rose>. It becomes annual plant and garden of interplant with perennial plant under the theme of main British garden and various roses and flowers bloom through the four seasons and compete for rose planting against a backdrop of British House Yokohama. In addition, lower flower garden can enjoy rose and flower, flavor and color of flower tree through the four seasons while making use of the topography as lower flower garden as <garden of flavor>.

<kind and the number of roses>
・Garden (in front of British House Yokohama) of English Rose
 (approximately 150 kinds of 1,100)
・Garden (in front of lower flower garden Osaragi Jiro Memorial Museum) of flavor
 (approximately 100 kinds of 500)
・Garden (and from British House Yokohama back garden to 111th building back garden) of rose and cascade
 (approximately 80 kinds of 500)
・The number of rose total
 (approximately 330 kinds of 2,200)


Harbor View Park (Minato-no-Mieru Oka Koen) is famous spot of Yokohama's best rose.
Many seasonal flowers are in full glory as well as rose.

Garden of English Rose                          Garden of flavor                                     
Garden of flavor                                      Rose and British House Yokohama

Rose and 111th building Garden bear flower bed
Rose and 111th building                                    Garden bear flower bed 

Bay bridge French consulate remains of an ancient structure
Bay bridge                                       French consulate remains of an ancient structure 

Yoshino cherry tree Night view 1
Yoshino cherry tree                                          Night view from observation deck 

★★Please use photograph of our homepage freely★★

The location: 114, Yamatecho, Naka-ku
Parking lot: 17 pay
Opening of the park: October, 1962 <scenic park>
Area: 57,765m2
Use of train A Minato Mirai Line Motomachi-Chukagai Station exit "6" 5-minute walk
JR Ishikawacho Station drop off walk 20 minutes
Use of bus JR NEGISHI LINE Sakuragi-cho Sta. first train Hodogaya Station line "11 system" time required around ten minutes
"Minatono-mieruoka-koen-mae" getting off is immediate
"11 systems" before Minato Mirai Line Motomachi-Chukagai Station exit "5" "20 system" time required around two minutes
"Minatono-mieruoka-koen-mae" getting off is immediate


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Coloration ground plan (Portable Document Format: 133KB)

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Inquiry about management of our park is southern part greenery office downtown area park charge
(Phone: 045-671-3648, FAX: 045-664-2588)

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