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□Update information□

 ・We announced way of thinking of Yokohama-shi for opinion that had you approach. [H21.]
 ・We started civic opinion offer. [H21.4.27]

□About publication of result about civic opinion offer □[H21.]

 Civic opinion offer about "naming rights introduction of Matano Park baseball field" was finished on May 18.
 We appreciate your sending valuable opinion.

 We announce way of thinking of Yokohama-shi for opinion that had you approach.

◆Way of thinking (PDF: 101KB) of Yokohama-shi for opinion that had you approach

 [civic opinion offer was finished on May 18, 2009.]

About civic opinion offer about naming rights introduction of Matano Park baseball field

 In Yokohama-shi, we raised suggestion of naming rights from October 20, 2008 to October 31, but, as a result, recruit opinions from citizen's based on "guidelines about naming rights introduction" as there was suggestion of naming rights about Matano Park baseball field. In addition, opinion that all of you gave to should be reference of future facility administration.

1 suggestion contents

 It is as follows about main suggestion.
Proposer Educational foundation Tsuzuki first school Yokohama College of Pharmacy (601, Matanocho, Totsuka-ku)
Target facility Matano Park baseball field
Nickname Matano Park, Yokohama Coll. of Pharmacy Stadium [temporary plan]
Amount of money Annual sum 10 million yen…We allot to a part of the budget
Period Ten years
Others We suggest conduct of various approaches that assumed "local contribution" keyword (events that used citizen course, physic garden of local tree planting activity, Chinese medicine by conduct, volunteering club of community-based event that took advantage of gratuitous use day of baseball field)

2 opinion offer periods

 From Monday, April 27, 2009 to Monday, May 18, 2009

Subscription for 3 method

 Mail, facsimile, E-mail recruits opinions (style is free).
 [address of opinion]
  ■In the case of mail      The seventh floor of 〒 231-0017 2-22, Masagocho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi Kannai Chuo Building Environmental Planning Bureau park Green Space Administration Division
  ■In the case of facsimile, it is Fax number 045-664-2588
  ■In the case of E-mail, it is e-mail address ks-koenkanri@city.yokohama.jp

4 references

 Thing environmental creation station Park Green Space Administration Division TEL 045-671-2643 about Matano Park baseball field


 [with naming rights]
 Instead of letting facilities of city give group name, brand name as nickname by contract, naming rights get the value from the group concerned and are method to contribute to sustainable administration of facility (they do not change facility name in the regulations).
 In addition, it determines "guidelines about naming rights introduction" about introduction of naming rights in Yokohama-shi and establishes that we perform hearing in that.
 (as for the thing about "guidelines about naming rights introduction" cowound promotion business headquarters cowound promotion section TEL 045-671-3959)
※Flow (outline) of procedure about this suggestion
 1.Suggestion → 2.Examination → 3.Discussion → 4.The person concerned, civic hearing → 5.Discussion → 6.Contract → 7.Naming rights start
 We accepted suggestion from Yokohama College of Pharmacy and held screening committee consisting of internal and outside committees and examined about suggestion contents. After discussion with the later university side, we carry out this civic opinion offer.

 [about Matano Park baseball field]
 It is rigid baseball field becoming the fourth (for municipal baseball field the third) in the city that opened on April 6, 2008.
  The location: 1367-1, Matanocho, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama-shi (Matano Park)
  Specifications: The left and the right flanks 99m, center 122m, infield clay, outfield nature turf
       3,000 seats of infield stands, outfield lawn stands 2,000
  Incidental facilities: Scoreboard, broadcasting equipment, lighting setup, meeting room
  The use results: High School Baseball (prefectural tournament), the general use
 [about Yokohama College of Pharmacy] (honorific title abbreviation)
  Director: Kimiko Tsuzuki
  President: Reona Esaki
  Open studies day: April 1, 2006
  Department: Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences (only as for the six years system)
  Subject: Healthy pharmacology (80 capacity), Chinese medicine subject (120 capacity), clinical pharmacology (160 capacity)
City of Yokohama, Environmental Planning Bureau park Green Space Administration Division - April 27, 2009 Making - August 31, 2010 Update
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