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We announce result of "sounding type market research" about inflection of park in the city

In Yokohama-shi, we carried out "sounding type market research" to ask about free, wide idea about utilization method and business technique that raised charm of park including bustle creation and new pleasing park through "talks" with all of private business people. Charm of park improves suggestion that we had by undertaking an enterprise and will aim at activation in future.



■ Summary of investigation

Offer period from December 22, 2016 to February 17, 2017
Prior briefing session January 18, 2017, January 31 conduct
Investigation period from February 20, 2017 to March 24 (we extend plan until March 3 and, for a lot of application, carry out)


■ Conduct result (about summary of main suggestion see below)

Prior briefing session : 150 98 groups
Talks    : 80 number of 57 groups suggestion (the number of the suggestion is different from the number of the groups to include things which plural suggestion included from 1 group)
Breakdown (main types of industry) of talks conduct group:
・Company (real-estate development, building, eating and drinking, retail, sports, landscape gardening, advertising agency, culture art system, designated management trustee)
・Social welfare corporation, NPO group (town planning system, welfare system)
・Park protection society


■ About process of future

We examine suggestion contents from the viewpoint of attractive improvement of park and contribution to area, reduction of management fee and push forward industrialization sequentially while standing on opinions of outside well-informed person about suggestion considered that realization is possible from location or the use situation of park.
As a general rule, we perform the choice of company by open call for participants, but push forward adjustment about event and program that park protection society gives individually.

Summary of main suggestion

■Suggestion to maintain eating and drinking facility (restaurant cafes)

 ・Authentic restaurant for tourists

・Cafe that messenger can do it for neighborhood dweller every day

・We suggested eating and drinking facility which was multi-function

  ・We add free rest area

   ・We add area community base

  ・We add function of culture art system (book cafe, gallery)

 ・Barbecue (with period business, permanent construction)

 ・We give services at mobile store such as kitchen cars    nado

■Suggestion to maintain exercise facility

 ・Base facility (orchid stations) of running and walking

・Suggestion to maintain futsal coat or basketball court newly

・Suggestion to improve facilities standard of existing facility (tennis courts)

■Suggestion to maintain the accommodations

 ・Suggestion to maintain the accommodations for tourists mainly

・Suggestion to maintain the small simple accommodations, and to provide accommodation experience type service

・Suggestion to maintain Grand Ping facility and campground       nado

■Suggestion to maintain other facilities

 ・Maintenance of service facility and dog run for pets

・Suggestion to maintain agriculture experience-based facility

・Suggestion to maintain game facility where we applied forest place in park in

・Maintenance of facility learning through play of child

・Offers of outdoor experience that utilized existing barbecue facility

■Event and suggestion mainly composed of programs

 ・Holding of Marchais handling farm products from Yokohama or product of local store

・Event for the purpose of interchange of child care generation or the local community formation
Holding of (outdoor movie viewing society)

・Programs such as natural observation or outdoor experience               nado

■Suggestion that put these facilities, programs together

 ・Facilities which decrypted cafe, orchid station, community facility

■Suggestion, opinion about systems to push forward utilization

 ・When there are around 20 years permission period, facility maintenance may be able to collect investment

 ・As 20 years are too long during permission period, system that is renewability in ten years is good

 ・We want you to cope about notice of advertisement of company flexibly

 ・nado important supporter who stands between company and administration to push forward utilization, and adjusts

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