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Park protection society

 Park protection society top page

 In park which everybody usually used, you weeded a garden, and have you not seen people who cleaned? Has everybody not participated in weeding and cleaning of park by activity of Neighborhood Associations?

 In fact, it is "park protection society".

 We introduce about park protection fair playing an active part every day to be comfortable, and to use park happily on this homepage.

  All of park protection society to this

We publish news and documents concerned
Signboard during activity
Signboard during activity

  Downloading of "park de health promotion booklet" from this

Using imminent park, do you not work on health promotion?
(PDF file 14,407KB H30.3 monthly update)
Booklet cover

It is introduction park protection society character "we meet, pop"

"We meet, and character publicizing park protection society is introduction pop". As for the downloading of illustration data from this.
What is "park protection society?"

What kind of group is "park protection society?" Who becomes member? ・We answer ・ ・ ・ ・ such question.
Park protection society around you

Your so around many park protection society moves into action.
There is park protection meeting carrying out such an activity

There is park protection meeting carrying out various activities without remaining only in weeding, cleaning.
Park protection society communication

Information magazine of park protection society, "park protection society communication" are this
Support contents to park protection society

We carry out support depending on activity of park protection society.

In park protection society, we do something like this
We pick up fallen leaves We make tree name board to tell about the name of tree We publicize with signboard during "protection society activity"
We color park with flower We utilize collection of illustrations and publicize activity We manage shrub
We keep local security with armband during patrol We take class of lawn mower and cut grass safely Fallen leaves make compost and reuse
Beautiful park from cleaning We publicize activity on protection society bulletin board Children play at ease in play park

 Each ward to want to participate in activity to want to know park protection society in detail, please contact engineering works office (about large-scale park north and south greenery office).

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