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Information for Yokohama-shi independence dispersion model energy facilities setting costs assistance business

 We perform independence dispersion model energy facilities setting costs assistance business to promote the spread of energy management as part of global warming measure in Yokohama-shi.

In 2017 of independence dispersion model energy facilities setting costs assistance business
Fuel cell system for house became the end with postmark on August 8, 2017.

Information for 2017 independence dispersion model energy facilities setting costs assistance (leaflet) (Portable Document Format 336KB)

Downloading such as documents necessary for application is this
 ※As you change style, please use way of 2017.

Person (one where all corresponds to in each requirement) who can receive assistance

(1) One that corresponds to any of the following.

Oh, individual who installs supporting target system (say "system" as follows.) in house planning the residence or the residence by oneself in the city newly

Individual who purchases house in the city where ishisutemu was installed in, and plans the residence

Corporation (we say "lease company" as follows.) to lend to owners of the house concerned to install system owning cormorant in house in the city

Oh, individual installing fuel cell system for duties in the city or corporation

(2) One without city tax delinquency.

(3) System that duties use can submit grant application to house use before the delivery by December 8, 2017 until February 9, 2018 when there is system for the purchase of installed house before the construction start of construction when we encounter setting.

(4) Person (must arrive) who can submit results report after construction completion immediately by March 9, 2018.

(5) That written consent is obtained from all the owners except subsidy grant applicant when owner exists other than the subsidy grant applicant when we install system in house planning the residence or the residence.

(note 1) When the grant estimated amount reached the amount of budget, this subsidy closes grant application reception desk without stopping during the period mentioned above.
(note 2) The start of construction of construction is the start of construction of supporting target construction (construction to affect independence dispersion type energy facilities).
(note 3) As there are documents which are not prepared immediately even if construction is completed, let me complete construction with room.

Supporting target system

Target system Supporting requirements Important Notice
(1) Fuel cell system for house ・Of "energy farms for use expansion of fuel cell introduction support operating cost subsidy" of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry being target facilities
・Being door-built house or facilities which incorporated generation function in setting out of the building at blackout or facilities which we added generation function option to at blackout of other selling
 Setting place that can use target facilities safely being secured
(2) Fuel cell system for duties ・Being fuel cell systems more than rating output 3kW

○All the systems being unused articles.
○We include fuel cell system for apartments in fuel cell system for house.

Supporting amount of money and the supporting number

Target system Supporting amount of money The supporting number
(1) Fuel cell system for house  A quarter (upper limit 30,000 yen) of apparatus costs (except consumption tax)   300 cases
(2) Fuel cell system for duties  (a)Either low sum of, (b)
 (a)Rating output (kW) of 100,000 yen/kW X fuel cell system
 (b)A quarter of apparatus costs (tax-excluded)
Until we reach amount of budget 3 million yen (※ 1)

○When fraction less than 1,000 yen occurred with supporting amount of money, we cut this off.

※Fuel cell system for 1 duty accepts all application during 30th from day of application acceptance start. When there is plural application, we prorate subsidy depending on the rating output of application apparatus.

Offer period

Fuel cell system for house

 From Friday, May 19, 2017 to Friday, February 9, 2018

Fuel cell system for duties

 From Friday, May 19, 2017 to Friday, December 8, 2017

(we finish acceptance when we reached the amount of budget.)

Notice of subsidy grant decision

 After contents examination, we notify to applicant. After having received letter of advice, please start construction.

Mailing address, reference

 To the following mailing address, please mail documents. (only as for the mail)
  ※We cannot accept application documents by method except mail including home delivery to be letter.

 [mailing address] 〒 231-0017 1-1, Minatocho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi
                   City of Yokohama, Environmental Planning Bureau environment energy section
                   Subsidy application charge is addressed
                   Telephone 045-671-4225

As for the documents necessary for application, please see this page.

● When we do grant application of subsidy
● When we do change, withdrawal of plan
● When, after setting completion, we do results report
● Flow of procedure
● Summary
● Related information (external link)

Request to all of you, setting supplier installing home fuel cell system

 On introduction of home fuel cell system, I would like special consideration not to make any neighborhood damage by vibration, the noise occurring about setting place.

Request of ordering given priority to city company

 We act as upbringing of activation of Yokohama economy and city company in ordering of construction in Yokohama-shi to give priority to ordering to city company (company with office which is main in Yokohama-shi) as basic policy.
 About setting construction of fuel cell system, you have you understand this purpose, and please use city company as much as possible.

City of Yokohama, Environmental Planning Bureau environment Maintenance Division environment energy section - April 24, 2015 Making - August 9, 2017 Update
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