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Introduction assistance business of fuel cell-powered car (FCV)

 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry clean energy cars assist some introduction expenses for company, individual introducing FCV determined by introduction promotion measures costs subsidy grant rule.

As for the documents necessary for application, please see this page.
※Please use way of 2018.


(1) Put position of base of use in Yokohama-shi, fuel cell-powered carCorporation where purchase or proprietary rights reservation loan belonging to purchases this or individual

・Owner on automatic car inspection visa and user being applicants in the case of the purchase.

・In the case of the proprietary rights reservation loan purchase belonging to, owner on automatic car inspection visa is car company or that users such as loan companies are applicants.

(2) To lend for corporation establishing position of base of use in Yokohama-shi or individual; fuel cell-powered carCar lease supplier who purchases this

・Owner on automatic car inspection visa being person that lease company, user receive lease of the vehicle concerned.

・We assume that drop in price of amount of subsidy equivalency part is reflected to the wage charges total sum requirements.

     We cannot apply in any of the next.
     ・When use for sales campaign (display, test ride car); city tax delinquent
     ・The people concerned of antisocial power such as gangs

Offer period

From Monday, April 9, 2018 to Friday, February 15, 2019

※ When we reach the amount of supporting budget, we finish acceptance before time limit.

Supporting target car model

Supporting target car model: Vehicle which is targeted for "introduction promotion measures costs subsidy as for the clean energy cars" of country.

(as for the target car model as of April 1, 2018 Toyota "MIRAI (mirai)" Honda "CLARITY FUEL CELL (kuraritifuyueruseru)". When target car models increase, we add.)

The amount of supporting upper limit

250,000 yen per one

It is expense targeted for 1 vehicle body tax-excluded purchase price - (supporting sum of country and prefecture) = assistance.

When fraction less than 1,000 yen occurs to 2 subsidy grant decision sums and sum of subsidy, we cut this off.

Application method

We accept application only by mail.

※ We cannot accept application documents by method except mail including home delivery to be letter.

[destination] 〒 231-0017
       1-1, Minatocho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi
       City of Yokohama, Environmental Planning Bureau environment Maintenance Division environment energy section
       TEL: 045-671-4225
       FAX: 045-641-3490


When business start (vehicle registration, payment, lease contract) is completed before 1 application, we cannot apply (please refer to summary Article 9 for the details.) .

One that received grant of 2 subsidies reckons from the next month on day when assistance vs. elephant cart was registered newly, and it is obliged four years to holding the vehicle concerned until it passes.

When we have plan using other subsidies from Motoichi on introducing 3 FCV, please consult beforehand.

When proprietary rights are reserved by 4 credit purchase by others, please consult beforehand.

Please register in for the first time by either early day on on the last day in month when day three months after day of 5 grant decision belongs or Friday, March 15, 2019.
 In addition, we may cancel grant decision when we reckon from completion day of business (on day that is the latest in registration day of vehicle, delivery day of vehicle, price payment completion days), and results report is not possible for less than 30 days (not over Friday, March 15, 2019).

If there is presentation of 6 proxy (10 style), we can entrust with application duties.

As for the documents necessary for application, please see this page.

Fuel cell-powered car (FCV) assistance business application method
・Flow of application reception desk
・Documents necessary for application
・When we do grant application of subsidy
・When we do change, withdrawal of plan
・When, after the business completion, we do results report
・Reference (summary, bookmark)
・Related information (external link)


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