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● Do you not experience the making of vegetables? ●
   We push forward establishment of various types of allotments keeping farmland in good condition while meeting needs of citizen's everybody to "want to experience farming" in Yokohama-shi. Do you not enjoy familiar such farm life, by the way, to plow soil, and to bring up fresh vegetables, and to taste?  

□Vegetables favorite by division of special ward farm - oneself ~

 Based on the specific farmland loan method, it is farm of division type that landowners establish for rent.
 Depending on circumstances of person of establishment, various farms are established on location and facility side to farm which there is in large agriculture area by small farm of downtown.
 215 farm 27.6ha (we have been authorized as of the H28/3 end of the month)

Area of division It is different every farm. It is almost around 30 square meters on the average.
Period of use One year - up to five years. It is around two years on the average.
It varies according to farms. On the average per 30 square meters is almost around 30,000 yen.
Offer It is common that person of establishment and manager raise through local signboard or free paper. We may raise on homepage of manager.
Application method Please propose to person of each establishment, manager directly.

 Yokohama-shi allotment coordinatorWe register corporation to establish special ward farm, and to run, and to support. 

Special ward farm
▲Shiratoridai first vegetable garden (Aoba Ward)

□... by instruction of cultivation crop experience farm - farmhouse made with vegetables

 Farmhouse is management, farm instructing. Establishment farming family performs preparations, cultivation instruction of kind, seedling from cultivation of land of field.
 It is, so to speak, "experience-based farm of classroom method" where farmhouse became teacher.
 User receives instruction of farmhouse and experiences the full-scale making of vegetables, farming. The feature is that many crops are provided in beginners.
 62 farm 9.0ha (as of the H28/3 end of the month the number of the establishment)

Area of division As a general rule, it is 30 square meters
Period of use Less than one year. It varies according to administration contents, but becomes contents which can experience vegetables from vegetables in the fall and winter almost in spring.
It varies according to administration contents, but is about 20,000 yen - around 40,000 yen.
Offer It is common that establishment farming family raises through local signboard or free paper one or two months before farm establishment.
Application method Please propose to each establishment farming family directly.

About sale of "cultivation crop experience farm field book"
 Manual ... of establishment, administration of cultivation reference book allotment of this ... private vegetable garden born from experience-based farm 

Experience-based farm work scenery photograph
▲gashapon farm (Aoba Ward)

□Farm ... that environmental learning farm - children mention agriculture and learn
 It is farm which farmhouse instructs targeting at elementary school student, students. It is intended to promote activity of environmental learning and food education to succeed farmland and agriculture to remain in the city in the next generation.
 17 farm 1.1ha (as of the H28/3 end of the month the number of the establishment)


□Vegetables favorite by division of civic cultivation garden - oneself ~
 At farm established in good environment among farmland, we can enjoy cultivation of vegetables freely.
 JA Yokohama borrows land from farming family and establishes and runs.
 We can receive cultivation instruction with local professional farmhouse.
 5 farm 1.0ha (as of the H28/3 end of the month the number of the establishment)

Area of division It is almost 30 square meters
Period of use One year (possible update until up to five years)
It is 30,000 yen per 1 division.
Offer Please refer to JA Yokohama representative of general center 045-942-2312 (extension number 376) which came.
Riverside farm Kamoi Higashihongo photograph
▲Riverside farm Kamoi Higashihongo (Midori Ward)


shiminnoenshiba seaside farm 
JA Yokohama establishes by allotment maintenance promotion law in Shibamachi, Kanazawa-ku, and management is farm running. Approximately 500 divisions for rent are in farm located in hill country facing the sea, and rest station, water supply facility, management ridge are maintained.

○Please inquire for shiminnoenshiba seaside farm at the following. 
  JA yokohamashibanoenkanrijimusho 045-785-6844
shiba seaside farm
shiminnoenshiba seaside farm (Kanazawa Ward)

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