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Blue sky city, direct sale place

1. Of course, "fresh" is "delicious" "relief" by local product.
2. It is place where eating person can meet person making. The preservation method of hard luck story and vegetables of cultivation, good conversation including how to eat bound.
3. Invention of assortment of goods which was correct in needs of visitors including farm output artefacts such as homemade pickles is performed other than cut flowers, flower dwarf tree, fruit, egg mainly on local vegetables with each venue.
4. There is place holding pleasant event with sense of the seasons.
5. If article on the day is sold out, it closes shop. Early!


□Yokohama product! Information for beachless beach grape!
Illustration of beach grapeIllustration without the beach

 ☆☆ The average year mid-August and early September ☆☆
 ●Nakayama station square pear direct sale place JR Nakayama Station north exit, in front of Miyoshi seed building
●Direct sale place Shinyoshidacho, Kohoku-ku in front of the Nitta Branch, in front of Yokohama agricultural cooperative Nitta Branch
●North hassaku orange farm products direct sale place Kitahassakucho, Midori-ku
 Illustration without the beach Illustration of beach grapeWe sell in JA Yokohama "hama kochokubaisho" and personal direct sale places (Mel cart tsuoka shop is excluded)
 ※ The number of the sale becomes small amount. Please confirm the arrival situation in each store.

  Illustration without the beachjikihinhyokaijoho of 2018 fruit tree from this
    (summer jikihinhyokai was finished.)

   Illustration without the beach "Introduction page (the history, kind) without the beach" from this

□Introduction of direct sale place map

●We introduce direct sale place of orchard direct sale map fruit tree

Downloading pdf icon(Portable Document Format 2.13MB) for all cities 
Northern jurisdiction (Kanagawa Ward Asahi Ward Kohoku Ward Midori Ward Aoba Ward Tsuzuki Ward  )
Downloading pdf icon(Portable Document Format 1,935KB)
Southern jurisdiction (Totsuka Ward Sakae Ward Izumi Ward Seya Ward)
 Downloading pdf icon(Portable Document Format 386KB) 


●We introduce direct sale place of Yokohama flower direct sale map pdf icon(Portable Document Format 7.13MB) flowerNEW


□Citizen's blue sky cities

 ●Higashitotsuka citizen morning market JR Higashi-Totsuka Station West Exit central fitness club first parking lot
 ●Yokohama Chuubu District citizen morning market Prefectural Hodogaya Park
 ●Direct sale place Nagatsuta, Midori-ku in front of the Nagatsuta Branch, in front of Yokohama agricultural cooperative Nagatsuta Branch
 ●Minato Mirai farmhouse morning market Takashima, Nishi-ku-cho, Takashima Chuo Koen
 ●The third floor of Totsuka Ward local production for local consumption PR, direct sale corner Totsuka Ward government office
 ●It is before community hall in north hassaku orange Sunday morning market direct sale society north August first of the lunar calendar

□Direct sales place such as agricultural cooperatives

 ●JA Yokohama farm products direct sale place homepage
 ●Livestock products direct sale information from city

□Direct sale places of hamafudo navigator publication

 ●To pages such as direct sale places of hamafudo navigator publication


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