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Yokohama brand farm products hama greens 


□Fresh relief is delicious! Fresh meal beyo Yokohama vegetables, fruit
 Do local vegetables and fruit, everybody know? We authorize farm products got close to as special product "which there is no beach" in and item that can become special product in future as "production promotion item" (Yokohama brand farm products) in Yokohama-shi.
  Farm products born in Yokohama that is fresh, and can feel relieved deliciously. Have vegetables and fruit of Yokohama brand that nutrition and love were fully jam-packed on everyday dining table by all means!

□"hama greens" is mark
 "hama greens" is emblem of vegetables and fruit of Yokohama birth. In February, 1998, it was chosen from three points of emblem candidates by civic vote.
 As for vegetables and the fruit which indication of "hama greens" was made, farming family in Yokohama-shi put great deal of effort and produced.
 ■We raise works of hama greens dishes contest in 2018 



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