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A certain agriculture Yokohama aguri tour - Yokohama agriculture expeditionary party ...

      With Yokohama agriculture expeditionary party…


Citizen touches with agriculture based on Yokohama green up plan from 2014 and is business providing place to toss.
We make use of advantage of city in Yokohama-shi, and various agriculture is carried out.   
Toward many citizens shop floor of city farm products such as district for exclusive use of agriculture in Yokohama-shi or farmland with unity
You have you observe the distribution spots such as direct sale places, and please discover wonderful "agriculture" of Yokohama.



 Offer was finished.

Date and time Saturday, July 14, 2018
     From 9:00 a.m. to 12:30
・Kusunoki Hiroba (we move by bus) before meeting dissolution JR NEGISHI LINE Kannnai Sta.
・Harvest of contents corn experience
     Visit of cultivation greenhouse of cactus, fleshy plant and direct sale place
     Visit of farm products direct sale place
・Child and protector who are lower than junior high student of target city residence, working, attendance at school
・It is 500 yen because of three expense crop experience charges corn
     (prior order)
・From offer period Friday, June 1 to Friday, June 15 (must arrive)
・Application method
 ●Application simple on the Internet
  Application is this
  Reception desk form two dimensions bar code
   PC use    Smartphone use
 ●We mail by postcard
 〒231-0017 1-1, Minatocho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi
 Environmental Planning Bureau agricultural administration promotion section Yokohama agriculture expeditionary party charge

 ※The details this (pdf data 373kb)
 Held results ... to ... this
 Crop without the beach

 Harvest of beach grapes
 If there is no the first beach; beach grape
Friday, August 22, 2014 conduct
 Sugatacho, Kanagawa-ku (district for exclusive use of Sugeta Hazawa agriculture)

 We observed shop floor of grape by bus visiting districts for exclusive use of Sugeta Hazawa agriculture from Yokohama Station if there was no beach.
 As well as story of explanation and fruit tree cultivation of district system for exclusive use of agriculture, we had you deepen understanding for agriculture of Yokohama by harvesting grapes while hearing story or thought that hit fruit tree cultivation of production farmhouse, and had a hard time if there was no beach.

 Harvest of sweet potatoes

 We steam and are tried potato
 The second sweet potato
Saturday, September 20, 2014 conduct
 Shimoiidacho, Izumi-ku
  Shop floor of farm products near to Shimo-Iida Station
 In field of farmhouse which observes, and produces sweet potatoes
 We dug and performed tori rio.
  In front of Shimo-Iida Station, we steam sweet potato from city
 Potato nishiteaguri tour participant and subway rider
 We distributed to this.
  In addition, the part of Izumi Ward which is the distribution spot of city farm products
 Izumi Ward which we established by place and collaboration with JA Yokohama
 It is visit shiteitadakima in Farmers Market
 We did.
 Visit to Japanese mustard spinach house
 Strawberry crop experience
 The third Japanese mustard spinach spinach strawberry
Sunday, February 22, 2015 conduct            
 Higashigatacho, Tsuzuki-ku, Hazawacho, Kanagawa-ku

  Gather at Yokohama Station, is district for exclusive use of east agriculture by bus
 Observe (land improvement district in northern east), Kanagawa Ward feather
 We harvested at strawberry farm of Sawacho and experienced.
  In district for exclusive use of east agriculture, it is city in direct sale place of JA Yokohama
 Shopping of inner product farm products, spinach Japanese mustard spinach
 It is Japanese mustard spinach to hear story of farmhouse about production of this
 State of shipment adjustment work is visit saseteitadakima of this, too
 We did.
  We see in greenhouse which cannot be readily contained
 There was thing.
  We experience, and crop of strawberry is from the city in Hazawa-cho
 We had you taste strawberry of this.


  If there is no the fourth beach; servant of a Buddhist temple hometown village
Saturday, September 12, 2015 conduct
 Kuroganecho, Aoba-ku, Jikecho

  Aoba Ward iron which we cultivate which there is no beach in for a long time in the city
 i of story and kind of cultivation beachless toward the production of towns farmhouse
 We had you explain inadoo. It is actually the beach
 Perform comparing the tastes every shino kind, and is own tongue; article
 We had you know difference in kind.
  In servant of a Buddhist temple hometown village, we reach harvesttime soon
 Take a walk in rural district scenery that ru is precious, is kan with green of Yokohama
 We had you do ability.
  In person who participated "place that does not come to Yokohama
 But, come to one where you were surprised at saying there is


 The fifth Karibe daikon and seitaninosen
Wednesday, November 11, 2015 conduct
 Nishiyamachi, Hodogaya-ku, Kawajima-machi, Asahi-ku

  District for exclusive use of Nishiya agriculture in the inside among residential areas
 Story of producer working on agriculture in this energetically
 shu of "Karibe daikon" which hears, and is original kind
 We performed kakutaigen.
  After longtime trial and error, the top born is purplish red,
 Daikon which point was white, and performed gradation of participant
 We were harvested with surprising voice.
  We introduce local direct sale place and are fresh
 We introduce place that can purchase agricultural products from city and buy
 We had you enjoy quality.

 Visit to tomato greenhouse

 The sixth strawberry and ikehennosen
Wednesday, March 16, 2016 conduct
 Ikebemachi, Tsuzuki-ku

  Is very close to Kohoku new subdivision; more than 100ha
 Farmland with unity opens of this. Just
 Time is visit island in district for exclusive use of Ikebe agriculture of the inside
 We did. With producer performing tomato cultivation in greenhouse
 It is actually ha in story of producer performing floriculture
 We ask while observing mortar
 mashita. Tomato which is cultivated by water culture without soil
 Some raises surprise from participant to see this and is better
 ta. Finally strawberry cultivation facility which was cultivated in ko*
 It is taste wa with strawberry from the city which observes this, and ripened fully
  Harvest of pears experience
  State of the sugar content measurement
 The seventh environment activity support center
Wednesday, August 23, 2016 conduct
 Karibacho, Hodogaya-ku

  Environmental activity support that the seventh is facility of Yokohama-shi
 We visited the center. Activity environmental by lecture
 About introduction of support center and agriculture of Yokohama-shi
 We learned.
  todo* of pear and grape carrying out crop experience
 Pear and budo which we did tei and compared with sugar content with drink
 With state that participants was surprised at sugar content of cormorant
 We did.
  noho ground in afterwards environmental activity support center
 Well, we experience harvest of pear and grapes and have
  We dig sweet potato
  We observe cookhouse
 Village of the eighth sweet potato kutsu rito Tana blessing
Wednesday, October 26, 2016 conduct
 Daimachi, Nagatsuta, Midori-ku, Tanacho, Aoba-ku

  We dig sweet potato in district for exclusive use of Nagatsuta stand agriculture,
 We look at Chinese restaurant (direct sale place) in introduction, the four seasons of village of Tana blessing
 We carried out study.
  In district for exclusive use of Nagatsuta stand agriculture from farming family
 To hear story of agriculture of district, it is sweet potato kutsu rio line
 We were. It is moved to JA Yokohama Tana Branch afterwards
 Do, approach of village of Tana blessing including chotsudendainosen
 We introduced of this. The four seasons that are one of the approaches
 We observe cookhouse of artefact selling in Chinese restaurant
 Do, shindeitadakima comfortable in the four seasons in Chinese restaurant by shopping
 We did.
  Harvest of Japanese radishes experience
  Direct sale views studies
 The ninth Karibe daikon and seitaninosen
 Friday, November 11, 2016 conduct
 Nishiyamachi, Hodogaya-ku, Kawajima-machi, Asahi-ku

  It lasts in 2015 and is the second holding.
 While walking in district for exclusive use of Nishiya agriculture, farmland
 It rotated.
  In story from farming family story of Nishiya green onion
 Is there in story, residential area of outflow measures of cultivation soil?
 We heard story of rakosono invention.
  In crop experience of "Karibe daikon", is it farming family?
 We have you talk about thought to ra original kind,
 Gradation from purplish red to white is discriminative; very much
 Voice gaaga where is surprising from participants in root
  Story of producer
  Mandarin orange picking
 The tenth mandarin orange picking and shibanosen
Saturday, December 3, 2016 conduct
 Shibamachi, Kanazawa-ku

  shibanogyosenyojiku of view facing Tokyo Bay
 It is in good hill country. In near shiba Nara of fishing port
 Of "family that derives only part of its income from farming half fishing" to run both hano agriculture and fishery
 Story of mandarin orange cultivation that we made use of story and warm climate in
 We heard this from farming family.
  And while feeling refreshing wind from the sea
 We gather mandarin oranges of this! Mandarin orange picking is possible in Yokohama-shi
 runante one where is surprised at when did not know multi-;
 We foment and do.
  Finally is shiba seaside farm direct sale place;
 We had you enjoy shopping.

 Harvest of tomato experience

 Corn explanation
 The eleventh tomato corn
Saturday, July 22, 2017 conduct
 Higashikibogaoka, Asahi-ku, Shimokawai-cho

  It is shu with tomato in field of designated agricultural plot among residential areas
 We did kaku. From farming family, we are going to neighborhood inhabitants
 We cultivate without using this, and using pesticides as much as possible
 Area contributes rukoto, meal agriculture education
 We heard teiruo talk.
  Having come next JA Yokohama farm products direct sale place "ha
 ma child Mel cart tsuoka shop. Local agriculture stock raising
 We enjoyed shopping of thing.
  The last is cane roach in large field of the ground for Shimokawai agriculture
 We harvested shi. Here of capital Okachi ward blessing
 Carry out various agriculture experience events at village; and now
 Do. We eat straight corn for the first time on the spot
 ta participant is impressed saying "it is sweet!" and sees smile


 The twelfth sweet potato
October 9, 2017 Monday (holiday) conduct
 Maiokacho, Totsuka-ku

 In house of Maioka hometown village synthesis information desk rainbow, it is director
 We listened to story with local picture from this. so
 While feeling autumn of Maioka hometown village of this afterward; foot
 We move in this.

 Direct sale place "ham studio maioka" and JA Yokohama farm output
 Visit thing direct sale place hama child "Maioka", as for it
 After having listened to story of reno manager and producer, we buy
 We enjoyed quality. Other than vegetables, it is ham studio
 This is side dish and lunch using agricultural and livestock products of hometown
 As sell this, on the spot of farm output artefact
 There was participant who enjoyed taste.

 Finally, move to field, and to listen to story of producer
 We dig sweet potato that you are waiting impatiently for. Big Satsuma
 When dig up potato, cheers go up, adult
 Child enjoyed this, too.



 The thirteenth Karibe daikon

 Wednesday, November 8, 2017 conduct

 Nishiyamachi, Hodogaya-ku

 In district for exclusive use of Nishiya agriculture, it is three people including direct sale place
 We visited producer of this.

 From the first producer, it is production in Nishiya district
 To Nishiya green onion which reteiru is soft, and is delicious just
 Begin cultivation in te, the 30, Showa generation; and more than 60 years
 Remain newshawk for maintenance of native species all the time
 We heard valuable stories such as being.

 In one done shinkishuno in the second producer, it is white
 In well farm direct sale place, approximately 20 items of vegetables are ordinary every day

 Cultivate summer tomato for the main force, is all from 1
 We surround feelings, oneself species when we want to bring up and thrust seedling
 We cultivate soil culture using ri, organic fertilizer.

 The third producer spends time of approximately ten years
 orijina where pink gradation is beautiful
 ru kind "Karibe Japanese radish" was raised. Participation
 Person harvests Karibe daikon with smile, by questionnaire
 This is asked about voice that we were impressed by story of kind upbringing
 mashita. Finally direct sale place that was particular about taste and the freshness
 Observe "FRESCO", and participant does not entrust; newly
 We were satisfied with vegetables which were sen.




 The 14th danshibagyoko and conger eel, shibanosen and mandarin orange picking

 Saturday, December 2, 2017 conduct

 Shibamachi, Kanazawa-ku


  Visit shibagyoko first, gyogyokyodokumigoshibashi
 Guide of director, small bottom biki net-fishing ship and shipment
 Workshop, fishing port direct management dining room "bowl of Koshiba"
 After having observed nadono fishing port facility, watch video
 We had you explain pattern fishery. Hometown
 From Ryoshi for name of "Koshiba" pride
 Conger eel is kaku reruko well in thing, hometown to have
 In this, various kinds of fish are produced bottom biki net-fishing by ship
 There were interesting stories such as things.

  Comfortable shiimika by student of Univ. of Tokyo mandarin orange fans society
 Hmm, after having swelled by quiz, for lunch "Koshiba
 Of this with tempura bowl using bowl and ground conger eel,
 We thoroughly enjoyed miso soup with full of ground vegetables.

  Next to shibanogyosenyojiku of hill country. "JA Yokohama
 It is reclamation and city from the staff of shibanoenkanrijimusho
 It is shiba seaside to listen to story about people farms
 We observed village direct sale place of blessing freely. sono
 Life to run the back, "family that derives only part of its income from farming half fishing" only in shibajiku
 We enjoy mandarin orange picking and, to listen to story of person of product, are better
 ta. It is raided carefulness to taste at tide-style farm where there is
 If ta mandarin orange is sweet-sour, and is very delicious; review
 It was seal.




 The 15th dansugedenhanesawanosen and strawberry, dairy farming

 Thursday, March 29, 2018 conduct

 Hazawacho, Kanagawa-ku, Shinanocho, Totsuka-ku


  nishitaaguri tsu for the first time this time target in parent and child
 Oh, we carried out o.
  Kanagawa Ward Sugeta Hazawa agriculture that farmland of 61.1ha spreads through
 After having observed district for exclusive use of the work from the car window of bus, 5
 It is beginning metamochida farm by cultivation of strawberry for year
 Harvest of strawberries experience. Hey, it is C berry and deep red cheek
 We eat a lot of two kinds of fully-ripe strawberries of this and smile
 But, it spilled.
  It is horizontal at nearby Hida ranch from Higashi-Totsuka Station
 While harmonizing with people while the beach is urbanized; raku
 Hear talk continuing agriculture management from producer
 We observed pattern, cowhouse. Ice mechanic of juxtaposition
 In bunch meria, we use strawberry of mochida farm
 Fruit eats gelato which we did as Special Menu
  We processed into strawberry and gelato to eat raw
 tsu which can thoroughly enjoy each taste of strawberry
 Oh, it became.

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