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◆ Wild animal and we

 Wild animals inhabit our imminent place only in out-of-the-way mountain and forest. Originally, as for these wild animals, thing which inhabited Japan and thing brought in by foreign country, thing which number decreases to or thing which continues increasing vary. It is desirable for wild animal to maintain nature original life, but the actual situation has a relation that it is close to our society. Wild animal and we make environment that can coexist, and it is important that we maintain.


◆ Even if see wild animal; ...

 Wild animal lives in environment same as us, but it is basic way of thinking that person is not concerned with life of these animals. We torment even if we see wild animal and hope that we do not protect adversely.
(wild animal may do threat and counterattack in wonder.)


◆ Do not feed wild animal

 Such as being important for feeling to think to be pretty, but, as for doing, animal being to take instinct to live in nature away bait to wild animal, and only specific animals increasing; affect, of the natural world lose the balance. Crow or domestic pigeon disappear for fear of person by getting bait from person, and numbers increase because survival rate increases and settle down in city area. Therefore, troubles with person increase, too and, as a result, make animals unhappy.

Photograph of raccoon dog
Hondo raccoon dog
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