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    Microparticulate matter (PM2.5) preliminary figure  


※As for the details, please see this.

1.Microparticulate matter (PM2.5) preliminary figure

・ All data every measurement station after January 1, 2013 click measurement station name of the left edge of list shown below and can see.

・ CSV data every measurement station, please save the next link by right-click.

Tsurumi Ward Shiota interchange plaza measurement station, Kanagawa Ward synthesis Government building, Kohoku Ward synthesis Government buildingIsogo Ward synthesis Government building measurement station

Sakuragaoka, Hodogaya-ku High SchoolThe Hiranuma, Nishi-ku Elementary School measurement stationThe Nagahama, Kanazawa-ku measurement stationThe Honmoku, Naka-ku measurement station

The Konan Ward Noba junior high school measurement stationAsahi Ward crane ke hoshogakuko*teikyokuMinamiseya, Seya-ku Elementary SchoolThe Minami Ward Yokohama commercial high school measurement station

The Kamigo, Sakae-ku Elementary School measurement stationryokukusanhoshogakuko*teikyokuAoba Ward synthesis Government building measurement stationTsuzuki Ward   synthesis Government building measurement station

Izumi Ward synthesis Government building measurement stationThe Sengen, Nishi-ku lower intersection measurement stationThe Totsuka Ward Yazawa intersection measurement stationThe Aobadai measurement station

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・ We update data every about one hour, but update may be late by trouble of data transmission.

・ Indication of "* is time when we were not able to display measurements by maintenance. In addition, indication of "-" shows that data do not exist.

・ As this preliminary figure is measurements before data decision, we may be revised in future. About measurements after decision, please see atmosphere environment monthly report.

・ Unit of measurements is microgram / cube meter (μg/m3).

※About negative measurements
When microparticulate matter concentration is very low, it may be in negative value, but, by errors of measuring machine, one hour value decides to treat negative value as the same value including verge calculating the daily mean. As for the detailed explanation, please see page of Ministry of the Environment.

※We can read data in portable site.



◎Of PM2.5 pass, and, as for the daily fluctuations graph, please see this.

2.With microparticulate matter (PM2.5)

With microparticulate matter (PM2.5), diameter of particle (particle size) is defined as very small particles less than 2.5 micrometers of (μm) (0.0025mm) among existing particulate matters in the atmosphere. It is easy to get deep into the lungs, and it is told respiratory systems to cause disease.
Environmental standards (established in Environmental Basic Law Article 16 with "standard that it is desirable to be maintained in we protect health of person and keeping living environment in good condition".) are as follows.

(1) Yearly average levels being less than 15 micrograms/cubic meter of (μg/m3).
(2) The day means being less than 35 micrograms/cubic meter of (μg/m3).

In addition, when the excess days of the day mean are from 0 days to seven days and, as for what is judged to have adapted to environmental standard, yearly average levels are less than 15 micrograms/cubic meter of (μg/m3). When we satisfy these two conditions at the same time, we are judged "to have adapted to environmental standard". Detailed glossaries such as environmental standards, please refer to this.

(reference) Please refer to leaflet "microparticulate matter PM2.5" which prevention of Kanagawa pollution promotion meeting suspended particulate matter measures examination sectional meeting made.

3.Preliminary figure in Kanagawa

Please refer to this for microparticulate matter (PM2.5) preliminary figure in Kanagawa except Yokohama-shi.

4.Reference about measurements

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