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Environmental education, environmental activity

All main constituents cooperate voluntarily, and citizen, school, social movement group, company, the government collaborate and push forward environmental education and environmental conservation activity to realize sustainable society in Yokohama-shi.

  • Environmental education dispatch lecture/off site lecture
    The staff of city goes to school directly and performs class about environment.
  • Child Eco forum
    It is presentations such as "investigation or activity about environment" by city elementary school student performing for the purpose of bringing up rich sensitivity for environment and practical nature, ability to be independent, and to act.
  • "Let's know environment of Yokohama!" PanelRental of (pdf:1210KB)
    It is quiz panel with. Please inform department (Environmental Planning Bureau policy section: 045-671-2484) of footer of this page of one you like.
  • Environmental headquarters
    It is place of practice of environmental education, environment activity by "interest, action, collaboration".
  • Yokohama RCE network
    By cooperation with city, citizen, school, NGO/NPO, company, it is environmental education, network to promote environmental activity in home and abroad.
  • Yokohama-shi environment activity support center
    We protect management of Yokohama-shi elementary school student amusement park, Yokohama-shi child botanical garden and forest place, farmland and support personnel training and activity to make green.
  • Yokohama-shi social movement support center
    We support people who have been already active including social movement group and volunteer and people who are going to be active from now on.
  • yokohama environment action information site "Eco poruto"
    It is portal site providing various information in some such which wants to carry out an environmental activity wanting to know environment.
  • Volunteer made with forest
    Citizen is system in response to own voice to want to keep green in good condition by hand.
  • Civic agricultural college course
    We establish citizen agricultural college course in object toward agriculture and the citizen whom we want to be concerned with who want to help with farming in farmhouse.
  • yokohama water regime guide volunteer
    Under recruitment of new members!
  • Junior Eco Club
    Ministry of the Environment, the metropolis and districts, municipality cooperate and support environmental learning and practice activity in area of children.
  • Park protection society
    Profit of park is volunteer group made with local people performing inflecting.
  • Promotion group of yokohama green((Found.) Page of association of Midori, Yokohama-shi)
    It is group becoming local nucleus to push forward green town planning.
  • Prize for Yokohama environment activity
    It commends individual who had remarkable achievement about environmental conservation, reproduction, creation, citizen's group, company, student.
  • The advice of school biotope
    We introduce tool to utilize place where children can meet creature in school, "school biotope".
  • Imminent eco-friendly action
    We introduce imminent eco-friendly action that we can practice immediately.
  • Son "eco-live." Great strategy!
    City primary schoolchild works on environmental action during summer vacation. Company supports the approach, and money of support is contributed to domestic and foreign environmental conservation activities.
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