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Information for Yokohama-shi environmental conservation activity subsidy program  

Information for Yokohama-shi environmental conservation activity grant


About system   Deadline for application  Flows from application to grant  Target group  The amount of furtherance  Target business
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○We started application acceptance of 2018. Offer essential point PDF(PDF753KB)

 About Yokohama-shi environmental conservation activity group grant system

 Environmental conservation activity in area was enriched still more by supporting activity expense for voluntary environmental conservation activity that social movement group performed in Yokohama-shi, and this system was intended that creation of environmental conservation type society was measured.

Yokohama-shi environmental conservation activity subsidization summary PDF(PDF376KB)

■ Deadline for application

  Thursday, May 17, Thursday, July 12, Thursday, October 4, Thursday, December 6
  We finish acceptance when we reached the amount of budget.
  ※For grant decision, it takes around one month from deadline for application.
■ Flows from application to grant

 (1)Prior consultation and hearing
 Please call Environmental Planning Bureau policy section (671-2478) before submitting application documents. We hear about business outline.
 (2)From application to grant decision
 Or, after filling out application documents, please submit to Environmental Planning Bureau policy section by mail directly.
   → After examination, we notify of result. (from time limit approximately one month later).  
 (3)Business operation and presentation of conduct report
 Please keep receipts of expense required for business.
 ※It is for operating cost after grant decision day.
 (4)Conduct report
 Please complete business by March 31, 2019.
 Please submit report after business for less than 30 days.
 (5)Amount of grant decision
 We examine conduct report and send notice of amount of grant decision.
 (6)Grant request, payment
 Please submit bill. We transfer to designated bank account.
 (7)Web publication
 We announce business operation report through Web sites.

■ Target business

 Business to launch newly 

It is necessary to correspond to any of the following.
Maintenance, reproduction of natural environments, business about creation

(2) Environmental beautification and business about tree planting
(3) Resource saving, business about energy saving
 Reuse, reducing, business about recycling
(5) Business about maintenance of biological diversity

 But it is not for the next business.
・Business that receives the furtherance by other subsidy programs which Yokohama-shi enforces
・Business to participate in business that other groups plan and raise, and to perform
・Business for the purpose of sightseeing, recreation
・Business that admitted that other mayors were not suitable

■ Business operation period

 Grant decision day - March 31, 2019 ※After business, please submit business operation report within 30 days.
 Q.When you continue the same business and carry out, can you apply for grant in the next fiscal year?
 A.We can apply to three times in succession. Example) first: 29, the second: 30, the third: 31
  ※We are excluded when we have free year.
  ※The amount of upper limit is the second 70,000 yen, the third 50,000 yen.

■ Target group

It is for group meeting all next conditions.
(1) Hopeful group which passes after the activity start more than one year, and continues after the next fiscal year, and moves into action
(2) Group which has office or communication place in Yokohama-shi and carries out main activity in Yokohama-shi
(3) There is democratic decision-making place
(4) There being fate such as rule, the rules of a society, and group intention being clear
(5) Performing budget and financial statements appropriately
But it is not for the next group.
・Group which carries out a for-profit activity
・Group which performs religious activity
・Group which performs political activity
・Gang (law (1991 law 77th about prevention of unfair act by gangster. We say "law" as follows and say gang to prescribe to) Article 2 second issue.)
・When it is in corporation, gangster (gangster to prescribe in law Article 2 sixth is called.) has applicable person among representative or officers
・When it is in group which does not have juridical person, representative corresponds to gangster

・Group which admitted that other mayors were not suitable

■ The amount of furtherance

A half of target operating cost.
○But, as for the amount of upper limit, as for the second of continued project, 70,000 yen, the third are 50,000 yen 100,000 yen
※Grant of grant is to once in 1. 
※Amount of money is settled, and payment of grant is after after the business operation.
■ Target expense

(1) Expense required for holding such as class, society
(2) Expense required for natural observation society, research activity
(3) Expense required for print, publication
(4) Expense required for exhibition, presentation
(5) Purchase expense of material necessary for business
(6) Expense required for conduct of business to advocate in other "target business"
 But expense that we occurred before grant decision day is inapplicable.

<item of target expense>
Item of expenditure Example of thing targeted for the furtherance Instructions
Compensation such as lecturers Lecture, lecturer in observation society, reward to panelist of symposium Medical treatment, compensation to member of meeting, reward to questionnaire respondent are excluded
The venue fee for use The fee for use such as exhibition space, meeting room Meeting and ordinary assembly in activity are usually excluded
Document purchase costs Purchase costs such as illustrated book, magazine of books Unit price: Thing less than 15,000 yen
Print binding costs Print costs such as poster, flyer, brochure, report, developing charges of photograph Bulletins issuing regularly of group are inapplicable
Article material purchase costs Article necessary for business such as work gloves, wood, plastic sheet, magnifying glass, drawing paper, colored pencil Thing less than unit price 30,000 yen
Article material lease costs Projector, tent for event  
Equipment costs Apparatus for natural observation, work tool Thing which is more than unit price 30,000 yen with article necessary for business.
Thing that book is more than unit price 15,000 yen in.
Of versatility is high, and (camera video PCs) is excluded
Communication costs The postage, stamp for document sending Telephone bill is excluded
Others Drinks for heat stroke measures

Ordinary expense to run group activity is excluded

Premium at the time of event holding, transportation expenses from home are excluded
Party-like eating and drinking remove interchange
Fee and contribution to other groups are excluded

*It is not for transportation expenses, eating and drinking costs, medical treatment to position members, reward, premium to questionnaire respondent.
*As a general rule, diversion of expense is not accepted. In addition, about equipment, we cannot purchase other than the approved article in examination committee.
*We can use other than the environmental conservation activity, and, about equipment, (camera, video, PC) is not detected. It is necessary for business and is for tripods of telescope for illustrated book and bird-watching that we can use for activity after the next fiscal year. Please consult about the details.
*As a general rule, after the subsidization decision, it is not admitted that we change business outline that we applied for.  
■ About application

(1) Presentation documents
 A  Subsidization application (first style)
 i  Business plan (the second issue style)
 Cormorant  Business cash budget book (the third issue style)
 Oh  Group record (the fourth issue style)
 o  Articles of association, terms, the rules of a society
 Mosquito  2018 activity plan and cash budget book
 ki  2017 activity results book and income and expenditure financial statements
 ku  Officer list
  In addition, please submit together if there are documents such as newspaper article, bulletin indicating the past activity results, flyer of event.

[a lot of application styles downloading]
* 1 style subsidization application Word(Word33KB)
* 2 style business plan Word(Word37KB)
* 3 style business cash budget book Excel(Excel30KB)
* 4 style group record Word(Word58KB)
* 7 style business (change, cancellation, the abolition) approval application Word(Word33KB)
* 10 style business operation report Word(Word39KB)
* 11 style business income and expenditure financial statements Excel(Excel30KB)
* 13 style grant bill Word(Word37KB)

(2) About submission of documents
 Presentation direct to Environmental Planning Bureau policy section or mail
 (when you come, you call beforehand, and please contact.)

(3) Presentation place
 City of Yokohama, Environmental Planning Bureau policy section environment promotion charge
 Address: 1-1, Minatocho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, the sixth floor of Kannai Chuo Building (the 66th window)
 Reception desk from 8:45 to 12:00 of from Monday to Friday, from 13:00 to 17:15 (but is excluded on holiday)
■ Instructions, request after grant decision
When grant of grant is decided, please be careful about the next points.
(1) Grant includes swing to bank account after expense was settled after the business operation.
(2) Within 30 days from day when business was completed, please submit "business results report" and related document.
(3) As you introduce subsidization business, please cooperate with coverage.   
(4) About business operation report which had you submit, we announce through Web sites of Environmental Planning Bureau. In addition, based on the Yokohama-shi citizen collaboration regulations, it is called that Yokohama-shi and group receiving grant of the furtherance must offer one set of application, grant decision letter of advice and business operation report complete set for reading.
(5) One year is said to fund management bodies modifying electoral slate of member of city assembly or the mayor during until passing day after the same day from day when we were informed of grant decision by 3 of political Group Regulation Law Article 22 that you must not contribute.

 Information disclosure, reporting

 About group which received the furtherance, we announce name and furtherance amount of money of group through homepages of Environmental Planning Bureau.

○2016 subsidization group
2015 subsidization group
2014 subsidization group
2013 subsidization group
2012 subsidization group
2011 subsidization group
2010 subsidization group
2009 subsidization group
2008 subsidization group
2007 subsidization group
2006 subsidization group
2005 subsidization group

Yokohama-shi environmental conservation activity grant business report (2014 ...)

■ Offer essential point (flyer)

 Offer essential point PDF(PDF753KB)


Adobe Reader® is necessary to look at document of Portable Document Format. When Adobe Reader® is not installed in PC of the use, please install linked "plug in for PDF file reading" after reference. 

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