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Do you not become yokohama water regime guide volunteer?

 Have you thought about a large quantity of water which we used every day, whereabouts of the water which you polluted? We clean water which we polluted in Yokohama-shi and put back to river and the sea. We think about water regime to surround structure and it to many people more and recruit volunteers having you be active with staff of Yokohama-shi to have you know. (cf. qualifications)

  Activity of yokohama water regime guide volunteer

  • Dispatch lecture/off site lecture (sewer classroom) to carry out in city Elementary School
  • Facility information for visit to water reproduction center society
  • Public information, enlightenment activity about sewer business
  • The training necessary for each activity
  • Discussion meetings for interchange and information exchange of member
Dispatch lecture/off site lecture Visit society of water reproduction center
It is activated sludge in dispatch lecture/off site lecture
Of (microorganism group breaking down dirt of sewage)
Assistance to microscopy
In visit to water reproduction center society
Explanation of the last sedimantation basin


  It is residence, working, attendance at school in Yokohama-shi

  Procedure of registration


(1) At first it is registered provisionally

  At first please register one where registration is hoped for provisionally. (we explain volunteer activity directly later.)

(2) Please attend the training

  We have you receive explanation about contents of activity here, and you see the real spot.

(3) This registration

  We have you perform this registration after having had you understand purpose, contents of activity.

  Application method

As "yokohama water regime guide volunteer application," please let know full name, address, contact information (telephone, FAX, E-mail) at the following. (please use temporary registration application in the following "flyer of volunteer guide")

●Flyer of volunteer guide is this


Inquiry about contents, application for temporary registration are ...

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