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Yokohama-shi press release document
March 31, 2017
Environmental Planning Bureau greenery part Zoo section

Yokohama supporters donation new menu "improvement of zoo"

Let's support zoo by oldness and the tax payment!

Annual passport ... of design original as for the ... return favor product

 We set up "Yokohama-shi Zoo foundation" newly to push forward maintenance and endangered wild animal reproduction at zoo. For fund, we introduce animal to work on breeding based on contribution from all of you by Yokohama supporters donation from foreign countries and push forward international contribution to maintenance of biological diversity and enhancement of zoo.

※We make news release about Yokohama supporters donation separately from Finance Bureau resources section.

Return favor product to give to all of you who had you contribute more than 10,000 yen
■One piece of "annual passport common throughout yokohama Zoo, Kanazawa Zoo"
■"Ticket is wide with all aimlessly"; two pieces

※Annual passport is original design for exclusive use of Yokohama supporters donation.

 You can choose one design you like from three kinds.

A)kammurishiromuku B) aobanewaraikawasemi C) chirifuramingo
Annual passport of kammurishiromukudezain Annual passport of aoabanewaraikawasemidezain Annual passport of chirifuramingodezain

Zoo comes over with passport in the zoo year, and please see result of charm and approach of zoo of Yokohama by all means!


Approach = of Yokohama City Univ. Zoo
 At three zoos (yokohama Zoo ZOORASIA, Nogeyama Zoo, Kanazawa Zoo) in Yokohama-shi, we keep world rare wild animal in good condition in cooperation with zoos of the world as well as Japan and spread and wrestle for attractive display to have know environment surrounding animal and animal.

Yokohama-shi Zoo fund special site (as for the application for contribution)

※Press release document (PDF460KB)

Environmental Planning Bureau greenery part Zoo section manager Masahide Hasegawa telephone: 045-671-2607
City of Yokohama, Environmental Planning Bureau greenery part Zoo section - March 31, 2017 Making - March 31, 2017 Update
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