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Yokohama-shi press release document
December 15, 2015
Department of Environmental Planning Bureau greenery Park Green Space Administration Division

We concluded naming rights contract of Fukadanicho contact park with Yokohama College of Pharmacy.
Nickname is "Hama yak farm".

 Yokohama-shi concluded naming rights contract of Fukadanicho contact park (going to be opened in April, 2016) with Yokohama College of Pharmacy on December 14, 2015.
 Nickname is naming rights introduction to the first park name in Motoichi at "Hama yak farm".
1 contract contents
  The other party of contract: Educational foundation Tsuzuki first school Yokohama College of Pharmacy (601, Matanocho, Totsuka-ku)
  Target facility :Fukadanicho contact park
  Nickname of facility: "Hama yak farm"
          We transcribe into "Hama yak farm" (Fukadanicho contact park) to garden name board.
  Contract amount of money: Annual sum 3,600,000 yen
  Term of a contract: From April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2026 (ten years)

About 2 Fukadanicho contact parks
  It is park with immediate farm with farm (comparted recreational vegetable plot) where citizen's everybody can get close to through cultivation of vegetables and flower naturally for rent. We install collaboration farm other than individual comparted recreational vegetable plot that applicants use in park.
  With a part of the collaboration farm, we plan "civic participation type herb garden" as the cause of cooperation of designated manager, local contribution business by Yokohama College of Pharmacy.
  The location: 1272-1, Fukayacho, Totsuka-ku others
  In-service start: It is going to be opened on April 1, 2016
  Area: 4,333 square meters
  Designated manager: We submit designated bill of designated manager to City Counsil ordinary assembly in the fourth in 2015.

Process until 3 contracts
  After inviting public participation for naming rights of suggestion offer model in March, 2015, there was suggestion from Yokohama College of Pharmacy to Fukadanicho contact park. We contracted and, about suggestion contents, were decided after opinion offer from citizen's all of you or examination in naming rights screening committee based on "guidelines about Yokohama-shi naming rights introduction". 

Press release document (pdf:228KB)


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