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Press release document
March 1, 2010
Environmental Planning Bureau facility Administration Department greenery management section manager
Nobuaki Nakamura
Telephone 671-3810

About naming rights sponsors such as Yokohama International Stadium,
We made a contract with NISSAN MOTOR Co., Ltd.!

 In Yokohama-shi, we invited public participation about naming rights sponsors such as Yokohama International Stadium after March, 2010, but, after procedure based on "guidelines about naming rights introduction", we reached agreement about contract contents, and naming rights (naming rights) made a contract.

1 contract other party

  NISSAN MOTOR Co., Ltd. (main store: 2, Takaracho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi)

2 contract contents

  (1)Facility nickname: Yokohama International Stadium → Nissan Stadium
          Kozukue sports stadium → Nissan field Kozukue
          Sports community plaza → Nissan water park
  (2)Amount of money: Annual sum 150 million yen
  (5)Period From March 1, 2010 to February 28, 2013 (three years)
<reference> Open call for participants condition
  Contract amount of money desired: Annual sum around 150 million yen
  Term of a contract desired: More than three years

Progress until 3 contract conclusion

  September 18, 2009 - naming rights sponsor open call for participants start (until October 19)
          October 23 - naming rights sponsor re-open call for participants start (until November 24)
          It is applied on November 24 by NISSAN MOTOR Co., Ltd.
          December 8    We hold the first naming rights screening committee (the choice of preferential negotiating rights person)
          We carry out ... person concerned, citizen hearing on December 15 (until January 15, 2010)
                     The opinion total number is four cases…Which "he/she raised hand in severe financial condition"
  February 1, 2010    We hold the second naming rights screening committee (global assessment as the contract other party)

4 references

  Thing environmental creation station Park Green Space Administration Division TEL 671-2643 about Yokohama International Stadium

※With naming rights
 Instead of letting facilities of city give group name, brand name as nickname by contract, naming rights get the value from the group concerned and are method to contribute to sustainable administration of facility (they do not change facility name in the regulations).
 In addition, it determines "guidelines about naming rights introduction" about introduction of naming rights in Yokohama-shi and establishes that we perform hearing in that.
 (as for the thing about "guidelines about naming rights introduction" cowound promotion business headquarters cowound promotion section TEL 671-3959)
City of Yokohama, Environmental Planning Bureau facility Administration Department Park Green Space Administration Division - March 1, 2010 Making - August 11, 2010 Update
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