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"Yokohama-shi environmental conservation fund" (hometown tax system)

Activity to protect environment of Yokohama
Do you not support together?

 State of creature investigation
 State of plant investigation

Contribution from all of you of children
We are made use for environmental learning!

Donation subtraction by Yokohama-shi supporters donation (hometown tax system) is received!
Credit card payment using the convenient Internet is possible! (For more information:

■ About Yokohama-shi environmental conservation fund
Flyer of environmental conservation fund
In Yokohama-shi, social movement is performed lively, and many groups carry out an environmental activity.
In addition, company and educational institution perform approach about various "environment", too. (It is Yokohama environment activity Prize example
On the other hand, which said, "there was interest, but is doing nothing particularly" was approximately 43% while approximately 85% of Yokohama citizens replied, "we are interested in environment". (than August, 2015 conduct "questionnaire about environment")
In such inside, this foundation supports the spread and practice activity of knowledge about environmental conservation to plan good environmental maintenance, creation and develops environmental conservation activity that local, came.

The Yokohama-shi environmental conservation fund regulations

■ Main fund appropriation business

Yokohama-shi environmental conservation fund conjugated in commendation system for event about environmental conservation activity and environmental activity group, subsidy program to environmental activity group more until now than setting of 1989.
We will look forward to cooperation from in future as it inflects in these business and wants to plan more promotion.
Contribution that all of you gave to conjugates based on the regulations appropriately.
(regulations Article 5 extract)
(1) When we allot for expense of spread of knowledge business about environmental conservation.
(2) When we allot for expense of business to support practice activity for environmental conservation.
(3) When we allot for expense of business about other environmental conservation activities.

 [main business example]
Support project            Spread enlightenment business          Business about biological diversity
Activity commendation   Environmental education dispatch lecture/off site lecture   Spread enlightenment about biological diversity
The environmental activity furtherance         Business about maintenance of forest place
            Thing about the making of beautiful sea 

■ The results of fund

  Fund results report (pdf file: 91KB)
  Fund results report (pdf file: 92KB)
  Fund results report (pdf file: 168KB)

■ About contribution

(1) Application for contribution method
    You have you download style of contribution application, and, after filling out required items, apply for the following destination by mail, FAX, E-mail.
    From the Internet when wish to apply, please use electronic application. (Electronic application form
    Please inform City of Yokohama, Environmental Planning Bureau environmental conservation fund person in charge (TEL: 671-2430) of any questions.
       << style of contribution application >>
     (WORD:43KB) (PDF: 13KB)

    << destination of contribution application >>
     Mail: 〒 231-0017 1-1, Minatocho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi City of Yokohama, Environmental Planning Bureau policy section environmental conservation fund charge
     FAX: 641-3490

(2) Payment method of contribution
    ・Payment notice payment in financial institution
     We mail payment notice (transfer paper) from department in charge. Please transfer from financial institutions such as bank, Japan Post Bank of neighborhood.

    ・Credit card payment using the Internet
     We send guidance necessary for plastic credit from department in charge. Based on guidance, I would like procedure from "Yahoo! public money payment" page. (Flow of procedure)

    ※As you cannot reissue 1 receipt and certificate, please be careful.
    ※As certificate is necessary when we receive 2 subtraction, please save carefully.

(3) When we have contribution
    ・I send "contribution acceptance certificate" and thank-you letter as soon as I can confirm payment in department in charge.
    ・You want and announce name and company name, group of people name who had you contribute more.

■ The situation of 30 contribution

Individual 0 yen
Group 20,000 yen
Company 839,848 yen
Total 859,848 yen

◆Individual, all of group, companies who had contribution

Individual, group, company name Amount of money

Fishing article industry society in Japan
Japan Fishing Show 2018 in YOKOHAMA

20,000 yen

Miyauchi construction state

100,000 yen

Coca Coe laboratory tola Japan
President Tamio Yoshimatsu  

45,348 yen

 Keikyu Corporation

694,500 yen
※We publish only individual, group, company where publication to homepage was hoped for.

■ The situation of contribution of 29 is this
■ The situation of contribution of 28 is this
■ The situation of contribution of 27 is this
■ The situation of contribution of 26 is this
■ The situation of contribution of 25 is this
■ The situation of contribution of 24 is this
■ The situation of contribution of 23 is this

■ About preferential treatment of tax, one stop exception system

Donation to local government including Yokohama-shi is subtracted in conjunction with income tax to constant limit about part more than the amount of application lower limit (2,000 yen) in contribution amounts of money.

In addition, there is report exception system that can call for contribution ahead group performing contribution subtraction application for the individual residence tax taxation municipalities in place of the person when we arrive at salaried employees who do not perform final income tax return procedure by yourself (it is only on the condition that it is anticipated that one-year contribution groups are less than 5 groups).
Those who wish to apply for one stop exception system put report exception applications together, and please submit.

For more details, we guide in this page. (we move to page of Finance Bureau Finance Department resources section)
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