To managers of City of Yokohama, Environmental Planning Bureau flood prevention reservoir
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To managers of flood prevention reservoir

(about the radiation dose measurement before work such as cleaning of flood prevention reservoir)



We have you always make an effort for good maintenance of flood prevention reservoir and are very grateful.

 By the way, in Yokohama-shi, nursery school, elementary and junior high school, park, road measures space radiation dose of public facilities, but place indicating space radiation dose high locally expressing as so-called Mike Rothe pot is confirmed several places in the city.

In rainwater adjustment reservoirs of Yokohama-shi jurisdiction, we measure space radiation dose before work from point of view preventing work related accidents caused by radiation of one engaged in for cleaning.

Therefore, from point of view preventing work related accidents caused by radiation of individual and corporation that it is engaged in cleaning in flood prevention reservoir which all of you own, we ask for the measurement of space radiation dose.

 In addition, we carry out annual check and ask owners of flood prevention reservoir for presentation of "facility maintenance situation report", but would like presentation of "facility maintenance situation report" which specified so in addition when it is necessary to cancel work depending on the situation.






Contact information

Thing about flood prevention reservoir which individual and all of corporations own.

Environmental Planning Bureau duct line Maintenance Section drainage facility discussion charge telephone 045(671) 2833.2834



※In addition, about rainwater adjustment reservoir of Motoichi jurisdiction, please confirm in department to have jurisdiction over each.




We list homepages such as radiation measures in Yokohama-shi as follows.


Yokohama-shi radiation task force homepage



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