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Citizen's forest

Forest of Kozukue ruins of a castle citizen


The south of Kohoku Ward. Small hill where main enclosure, the outworks of a castle, dried foss, fieldwork was almost had for with model.
Citizen's forest using castle of the Middle Ages only in here.
Thick grove of miscellaneous trees with much small ups and downs and wonderful bamboo forest recall me to the world of war-torn country.
From fushisengen of top of eddy-formed hill, can look around around, and feeling of the master of one country.
It is indeed old and is tasteful, and houses of approach are excellent at atmosphere other than historical drama fan, too!

Forest (PDF file, 971KB) of citizen of forest, Kamoi Haraichi of Kozukue citizen
Do you not walk "citizen's forest?"
It is this to page of "natural ... green, flower, agriculture ..."
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