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 Great flower bed exhibition of village forest garden autumn

 Of village forest garden that had favorable reception from many of you by the 33rd whole country urban greening yokohama fair that carried out in this spring, at flower bed, release the clothing newly this autumn very much.
[held summary]
◆The date: 31 days from Friday, September 22, 2017 to Sunday, October 22
◆Holding time: From 9:30 to 16:00
◆Rate: Free of charge
◆Place: yokohama fair village forest garden meeting place
       (the yokohama Zoo ZOORASIA adjacency)

[contents of autumn large flower bed]
 Large flower bed of approximately 1 hectare puts flower of a variety of kinds full of Aya like autumns of cosmos and sage, Marigold together and can enjoy three-dimensional flower bed.
 ・Main flower
Cosmos Sage Marigold Zinnia
[welcome garden of Masashi Mikami design]
 Welcome garden in front entrance of village forest garden asked Masashi Mikami who acted as public information goodwill ambassador by overall planting nitsuiteyokohama fair such as kinds of main color of the whole flower bed and concrete plant for design.
[event information]
 We founded page of event information.
 Please confirm the details of event information from this.new
[cooperation with yokohama Zoo ZOORASIA]

 Both facilities of village forest garden toyokohama Zoo ZOORASIA cooperate and carry out events.
 ・We present admission 5 discount coupon on the ZOORASIA day when we participate in stamp rally in village forest garden (weekdays)
 ・Bird show PR (Saturday, Sundays and holidays) in village forest garden
 ・Quiz rally (there is present of original novelty every day) others in ZOORASIA

※About yokohama Zoo, please see formal HP (http://www.hama-midorinokyokai.or.jp/zoo/zoorasia/).

It is approximately 2 minutes on foot from front entrance after terminal getting off by bus of "yokohama dobutsuenkitamonko" from "Tsurugamine" station, "Mitsukyo" station, "Nakayama" station
It is approximately 4 minutes on foot from Higashiiru Exit after getting off at "west Hikarigaoka" bus stop by bus of "west Hikarigaoka line" or "Nakayama Station line" (via stand elementary school entrance of forest) from "Tsurugamine" station

[shuttle bus]new
 We operate shuttle bus (free) to the village forest garden front entrance karayokohama Zoo front during period.
 When you are back, you go down to shuttle bus at the jo tteyokohama Zoo front gate from meeting place, and please use route bus (pay) going from "yokohama Zoo" bus stop to each station.
・Shuttle bus timetable (Portable Document Format: 189KB)new

■Bus timetable from each station, platform guidance (PDF file)
Tsurugamine Station
Mitsukyo Station
Nakayama Station
Return is this
(from September 22 to September 30)
Return is this
(from October 1 to October 22)

※As there is not exclusive parking lot in meeting place, please use public transport.

・Handbill of large flower bed of village forest garden autumn this (Portable Document Format: 2,320KB)

Contact informationnew
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 Telephone: The 070-1357-7979 reception desk date and time: Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 9:00 to 16:30
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