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Information for venue

  • Held summary
    From Saturday, March 24 to Sunday, June 3

    Yamashita Park / Harbor View Park (Minato-no-Mieru Oka Koen) / Nihon Odori Avenue / Yokohama Park / Shinko Chuo Hiroba

    You can enjoy scenery and cityscape, event of port in spite of being circulation with change of flower.

    To all and area


  • Village forest garden
    From Saturday, March 24 to Sunday, May 6

    Village forest garden (the yokohama Zoo ZOORASIA adjacency)
    1425-4, Kamishiranecho, Asahi-ku, Yokohama-shi

    Please enjoy large flower bed largest in the city, flower including field mustard field spreading out in one side and special space among green.

    To village forest area

    We jump in village forest garden festival HP.


  • All and area
    Tulip mini-guide (Yokohama Park )

    The date and time: Friday, April 13

    We show around the highlight of tulip of Yokohama Park .

    For more information:
  • Citizen course image
    All and area
    The citizen course "charm and history of rose of Yokohama" of rose

    The date and time: Wednesday, May 9

    It is citizen course that featured the theme of "charm and the history of rose of Yokohama".

    For more information:
  • All and area
    Spring rosary guided tour (Yamashita Park, Harbor View Park (Minato-no-Mieru Oka Koen))

    The date and time: Saturday, May 19 /5 20 days a month (Sun)

    We show around the highlight while walking rose garden that reached in full bloom.

    For more information:

Contact Contact Contact

The garden necklace Yokohama 2018 administration secretariat

NTT hello dial: 050-5548-8686

Reception desk: Until from 8:00 to 22:00, June 4

Inquiry about coverage

The garden necklace Yokohama 2018PR secretariat

((stock) The TYO public relations)

Mail: gn.yokohama2018@tyopr.jp

TEL: 03-6850-2190 FAX: 03-6850-2189

TEL: 03-6850-2190

FAX: 03-6850-2189


  • Ambassador

    Masashi Mikami

    Gardening boy who loves flower which popular program of NHK E tele is "gardening of hobby", and acts as main navigator. You have you be active as ambassador publicizing flower and green of Yokohama, and please deal with planting design of welcome garden of village forest garden.

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