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Digestion gas generation PFI business

 About digestion gas generation facilities generating electricity using digestion gas generated in process to handle sewage sludge, we update.

 As we established conduct policy as business based on "law about promotion such as maintenance such as public facilities by utilization such as private funds" (the PFI method), we announce design, construction of these facilities update and maintenance administration of the digestion gas generation facilities whole.

 With gas including approximately 60% of methane which occurs when we performed anaerobic digestion (fermentation) of sewage sludge with digestion gas, we have about half heat capacity of city gas.

 We plan more utilization of digestion gas generated from sewage sludge and are intended contributing to contribution to recycling society in consideration for global environment and that we plan promotion of effective business by utilization such as private fund, technique, management know-how.

 About this business, negotiations incarnation received general competition participation stop of Motoichi and nomination stop measures and did not reach before business start, but as we confirmed what cost cut and effective effect-like service that utilized management know-how of private enterprise could expect, we revised conduct policy in 16 and announced again. Documents such as schedules about the first open call for participants are this.

 Construction update construction is completed and is managing now.

Summary (Portable Document Format, 34kB) of business

Schedule of business

September 4, 2007 Conduct policy (correction)
October 11, 2007 Answer to question, opinion about conduct policy (correction)
October 26, 2007 Contrast list with the choice (Portable Document Format, 157kB) last time of specific business (Portable Document Format, 187kB)
November 20, 2007 Open call for participants essential points (November 28, 2007 some revisions)
December 20, 2007 Answer to "the first question to open call for participants essential points"
January 16, 2008 Answer to "the second question to open call for participants essential points"
March 4, 2008 The choice of preferential negotiating rights person
March 27, 2008 The conclusion of basic agreement
August 29, 2008 Business contract
February 27, 2009 The conclusion of direct agreement with bank group
December 18, 2009 Full-scale operational start
(following plan)
March, 2030 The business end

Yokohama-shi PFI business screening committee

 Yokohama-shi PFI business screening committee composed of people of learning and experience examines about business suggestion contents, and city decides person of preferential negotiating rights based on the best suggestion chosen by examination of screening committee.

(reference)  Summary (Portable Document Format, 88KB) about setting of Yokohama-shi PFI business screening committee and administration

PFI business examination committee (the order of the kana syllabary, honorific title abbreviation)
Chairperson Shuji Mizoguchi Yokohama National University Graduate School international community science graduate course study director
Committee Yoko Ikeda Yamada, Ikeda law office's lawyer
Committee Kohei Onishi Keio University department of science and engineering systems design engineering course's professor
Committee Rinko Matsushita Professor Kanto Gakuin University human being environment department modern communication subject
Committee Shigeru Miyahara Association of whole country water and sewage consultant's executive managing director

 Please refer to this for the minutes of screening committee (first ... four times) about the first open call for participants.

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