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Improved soil plant PFI business

We build more existence facilities to plan expansion of utilization about improved soil plant business making good use of destruction by fire ash of sewage sludge.

We carry out design, construction of this facility enlargement and maintenance administration of the whole improved soil plant as business based on "law about promotion such as maintenance such as public facilities by utilization such as private funds" (the PFI method).

We mix approximately 10% of destruction by fire ash in soil dug by sewer construction, and improved soil is high quality backfill and soil which did.

A lot of lime which makes soil a high quality one is included, and, also, destruction by fire ash of sewage sludge has effect to absorb moisture of soil. We fix on property of this destruction by fire ash and we install improved soil plant in site of the northern second sewage disposal plant and are producing improvement soil now.

Inning is to make good use of destruction by fire ash which has been disposed of so far, and we make life extension of disposal place, and improved soil plant carries part on the formation of recycling society.

Business summary

Business schedule

September, 2002 Publication of conduct policy
October, 2002 The choice of specific business
December, 2002 Publication of open call for participants essential point
January, 2003 Open call for participants essential point additional news
  Answer to question for open call for participants essential point
March, 2003 The choice of contract negotiator
March, 2003 The contract 
July, 2003 ... Plan, design, construction of improved soil plant
January, 2004 Delivery of facility, in-service start 
March, 2019 The end (business extension at first from March, 2014 for 5 years) of business

Screening committee

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