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Sewer construction office

We work as taskmaster of trunk sewer and processing ground, pumping station construction construction

 In sewer construction office, we advocate Safety First in cooperation with person of contracting business and construct. We teach safety measures that carried out three thoroughly for person of contracting business as important point item of "damage accident prevention such as overhead wire" "damage accident prevention of basement undergrounding thing" "third party accident prevention on road" to prevent "public disaster" to have a big influence on social life of particularly citizen's all of you and plan accident prevention.
 The location of office

 The northern part

 Charge ward
Tsurumi Ward, Naka Ward, Minami Ward (partly), Kohoku Ward, Tsuzuki Ward   ・
Midori Ward, Aoba Ward, Hodogaya Ward, Kanagawa Ward

2-47-1, Tennoucho, Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama-shi
TEL 045-337-3010
FAX 045-337-3013

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 The southern part

 Charge ward
Naka Ward (partly), Nishi Ward, Isogo Ward, Kanazawa Ward, Minami Ward ・
Konan Ward, Totsuka Ward, Sakae Ward, Izumi Ward, Asahi Ward, Seya Ward

96-1, Naganumacho, Sakae-ku, Yokohama-shi
TEL 045-871-4471
FAX 045-863-0668

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What kind of construction do you do?

◆We make sewage trachea to prevent the inundation caused by heavy rain

◆We make facility to clean dirty water and
   We rebuild facility which became old

We introduce main construction undertaking construction (occasional update)

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 [the visit to spot society results of 2017] (as of June 13, 2017)

 May 18: The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism: 15 [southern part processing ward Ooka River right bank rainwater main line sewer maintenance construction (4)]

 Eight others
 40 2016 spot visit society results

City of Yokohama, Environmental Planning Bureau sewer duct line subordinate Suido Construction office - December 7, 2010 Making - June 30, 2017 Update
It is inquiry - - telephone opinion: 045-337-3010 (the northern part) /045-871-4471 (the southern part) - FAX: 045-337-3013 (the northern part) /045-863-0668 (the southern part)
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