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Main maintenance business of 2018 Environmental Planning Bureau


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Main maintenance business of 2018 Environmental Planning Bureau
Main greenery business, sewer business are listed in map of distinction.
October 1, 2018 update
 Tsurumi Ward PDF1, 426KB   Kanazawa Ward PDF1, 415KB 
 Kanagawa Ward PDF1, 434KB  Kohoku Ward PDF1, 630KB
 Nishi Ward    PDF1, 648KB  Midori Ward PDF1, 417KB
 Naka Ward    PDF1, 167KB  Aoba Ward PDF1, 433KB
 Minami Ward    PDF1, 969KB  Tsuzuki Ward   PDF1, 159KB
 Konan Ward    PDF1, 723KB  Totsuka Ward PDF1, 507KB
 Hodogaya Ward PDF1, 789KB  Sakae Ward PDF1, 564KB
 Asahi Ward    PDF1, 471KB  Izumi Ward PDF1, 499KB
 Isogo Ward PDF1, 888KB  Seya Ward PDF1, 363KB
Please inquire for the details of business to department in charge.
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Environmental Planning Bureau sewer business management section
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City of Yokohama, Environmental Planning Bureau sewer plan adjustment subordinate Channel business management section - April 1, 2005 Making - October 1, 2018 Update
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