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Approach from 26 is this

With local green town development business (the Heisei 21-25 year)

   Yokohama-shi cooperates with local people and is business to create green appropriate for area. It is unprecedented tree planting business of "area custom tailoring type" that local people make tree planting plan appropriate for area in residential area, business district, various towns including factory zone and push forward tree planting with the whole area. (flyer: "summary <Portable Document Format of town development business of area green", 2.85MB>)
←Local green town development business from 2014 is this.


Process of local green town development

   At first you have Yokohama-shi talk, and please do decision making in area working on business. We devise "local tree planting plan" in local people by advice of coordinator to dispatch from city and we form tree planting promotion group and conclude agreement with city afterwards. Local everybody utilizes the furtherance of city, and, based on this plan, city carries out public facilities tree planting by private land tree planting. 

   Please confirm the details about system and grant with next summary, point.
  ※ About district that devised local tree planting plan by 2013, we carry out business based on this summary, point.

●Town development business summary (H25.4.1 revision) of Yokohama-shi area green <Portable Document Format, 233KB> 

  Notification of change styles <Word form, 35KB> such as representative names

●The Yokohama-shi private land area tree planting subsidization point (H26.4.1 revision) <<Portable Document Format, 117KB> 

  Styles <Word form, 93KB> such as applications

●The Yokohama-shi scenery tree maintenance subsidization point (H26.4.1 revision) <<Portable Document Format, 104KB> 

  Styles <Word form, 87KB> such as applications

●The Yokohama-shi area tree planting activity support subsidization point (H26.4.1 revision) <<Portable Document Format, 111KB> 

  Styles <Word form, 103KB> such as applications  

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