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Collection of city park data of Yokohama-shi

 In this page, we offer basic data of city park of Yokohama-shi as of March 31, 2017 by data of Microsoft (R) Excel format.

◆Park table of Yokohama-shi
 All the cities (440KB)
 Aoba Ward (61KB)
 Asahi Ward (57KB)
 Izumi Ward (40B)
 Isogo Ward (43KB)
 Kanagawa Ward (49KB)
 Kanazawa Ward (56KB)
 Konan Ward (53KB)
 Kohoku Ward (51KB)
 Sakae Ward (45KB)
 Seya Ward (40KB)
 Tsuzuki Ward   (47KB)
 Tsurumi Ward (47KB)
 Totsuka Ward (59KB)
 Naka Ward (39KB)
 Nishi Ward (32KB)
 Hodogaya Ward (50KB)
 Midori Ward (49KB)
 Minami Ward (45KB)

◆The number of the parks, the area of Yokohama-shi (31KB)

◆Kind (31KB) of city park

Park with sports facility

◆Parks (47KB) with (Western-style building, old folk house, natural experience-based facility) such as culture facilities

◆Park (55KB) with parking lot

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