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Land ownership investigation


With land ownership investigation

Record about person includes "family register", but "land ownership" means record about land for this.

Land ownership investigation is investigation about land to carry out for the purpose of clarification into land ownership and surveys investigation of border, owner, lot number, classification of land and category and boundary position, area about land every a brief note and is business to make map and *satsu.

When land ownership investigation is carried out, correct information about land every a brief note is recorded in *satsu (land ownership book), and correct map (land-register map) is made based on current surveying technology.
In addition, as for the made land-register map and land ownership book, the reproduction is sent to registry office, and land register is rewritten based on "land ownership book" in registry office, and "land-register map" is provided as real estate registration method Article 14 Clause 1 map.


The need of land ownership investigation

Addition and exclusion correction has been added to register and map (public sectional map) provided for registry office based on record that most were made at the time of land tax reforms of the Meiji era now in interval before continuing up to the present day. Therefore it is the actual situation that there are many cases that it is difficult to grasp correct information of land because area of register mention reaches unlike fact in the present days after long time, and border, shape of land described in public sectional map is uncertain.

Land ownership investigation is business to improve such situation, and to clarify record (land ownership) about land to effectively utilize a certain limit land, and to keep in good condition.


Merit of land ownership investigation

There is the following merit when we carry out land ownership investigation.

1. We help prevention of trouble of land

When borders of land are uncertain, various troubles are apt to occur.
We help that we prevent outbreak of trouble about meets and bounds when we carry out land ownership investigation because border of land becomes clear.

2. We help facilitation of land transaction

When we buy and sell land when we do not carry out land ownership investigation, border confirmation with neighboring land takes time, and problem such as register and area of actual survey being different may occur.
As the situation of correct land is reflected by register when we carry out land ownership investigation, reliability of the registration increases, and it is possible for writing brush in peace for buying and selling shop of land.

3. We help acceleration of disaster restoration

When disasters such as earthquake, volcanic eruption, landslide, flood happen, restoration may take time because we do not know border of original land.
Because individual lands are displayed with coordinate level on the earth when carry out land ownership investigation, is quick even after one of disaster of emergency; can restore.


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