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Hajime Mori iron of yokohama collaboration

□ About Hajime Mori matter about money business of yokohama collaboration
We found "money of Hajime Mori of yokohama collaboration" to keep the small scale forest ground which is familiar to citizen in good condition by collaboration with citizen and administration and are business to wrestle for the acquisition of site and facility maintenance.
[the grounds regulations]
The Hajime Mori gold regulations (April, 2005) of Yokohama-shi collaboration
Hajime Mori gold business operation summary (April, 2017 revision) of Yokohama-shi collaboration (PDF)

□ About contribution

Yokohama-shi recruits contribution from citizen's and company, groups to "money of Hajime Mori of yokohama collaboration" to keep the imminent small scale forest ground left in the city in good condition.

You offer contribution, and, by book or electronic application, please apply for contribution.
We offer "two pieces of ticket wide with all as return favor product aimlessly" in one more with more than 10,000 yen of one contribution amount of money than 29.
 Therefore, in the case of application, please tell about hope of return favor product.
 Please see page of this City of Yokohama, Transportation Bureau for more information about "ticket is wide with all aimlessly"

 ◆Application (mail, FAX) with contribution proposal book   
  Hajime Mori gold contribution acceptance summary (PDF) of collaboration → Contribution proposal book (PDF)
                         Return favor product hope confirmation (PDF) ※Please submit one with more than 10,000 yen of one contribution amount of money in addition.

 ◆Application from the Internet
   Electronic application form

   From Thursday, March 29, 2018, we cannot use overall cell-phone, a part of the smartphone (before Android OS4.4 before iOS4) with change of coding communication method.

□ About subtraction system of donation
We are subtracted from income tax, individual residence tax to the amount of constant upper limit about part more than the amount of application lower limit (2,000 yen) in contribution amounts of money.            

  Please see this "information for Yokohama supporters donation" about detailed contents, example

[please be careful!]   
  Site that pretended that we deal with hometown tax in discount is discovered,
  As there are not relations with hometown tax (Yokohama supporters donation) to Yokohama-shi at all, please be careful.

About activity of the situation of donation and collaboration partner

□ About past inflection example of donation
 ・Forest capture of territory profit of Kanazawa Ward
 ・Construction such as whole sign setting around the Mt. Japanese yen sea
 ・Warehouse new construction and others construction of forest protection society of Seki ke valley citizen            

≪Flow of business in case of the site acquisition≫
○ Activity of citizen's everybody

・We perform religious awakening of maintenance of imminent forest ground.
・Within three months after examination of screening committee, we get consent of sale from landowners.
・Work on the fund-raising, a part of the acquisition expense (more than 10%. But we collect amount of upper limit 5 million yen).
・After the acquisition, we perform daily management (inquired windows about patrol and management from the outskirts) of forest place.

○ Target forest place

In good green tract of land covered by forest to remain in city area
・Of unity of group less than having an area of 300 square meters above 1,000 square meters there is (include under 1,000 square meters) more than part (300 square meters of forest place of group with area more than 1,000 square meters.)
・Border is settled
・We contact with public road or can secure passage for management
・There is little influence to neighborhood such as light, lodging due to tree, fall branch
・Safety of land is secured, and adjoining land does not have fear such as landslide, collapse
There is nadono condition.

○ One that we can apply for and application documents

Group (social movement group, NPO, Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations) is best as for being able to apply for the acquisition of forest place. It is necessary for group to organize in inhabitants more than five households except relative.
At the time of application, we submit application, reason book, group list of members, donation activity plan, forest place management plan, on-site inspection written consent, public sectional map to land, acreage of a plot of land survey map.

○ Examination

Forest place that there was of application decides the right or wrong of the acquisition after examination of screening committee by people of learning and experience.
About examination standard, it is decided in screening committee.

  About Hajime Mori gold screening committee of collaboration

  About Hajime Mori gold screening committee held information for collaboration

○ Statement of mutual agreement, the conclusion of agreement

About maintenance of forest place between group and Yokohama-shi,
・We conclude statement of mutual agreement to perform smooth donation activities.
・About management after the acquisition and the acquisition of forest place, we fix agreement.

○ Consultation

City of Yokohama, Environmental Planning Bureau green up promotion part green zone preservation promotion section
To (1-1, Minatocho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi Kannai Chuo Building 6F), please.
For details, please see this → Offer guidance flyer (pdf)

○ About flow of business

For more information, look here. → Flow (pdf) of business     


About overall system Environmental Planning Bureau green zone preservation promotion section 671-3534
About contribution Environmental Planning Bureau green up promotion section greenery business adjustment charge 671-3443



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