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About city tax

Personal municipal tax

Report of municipal tax, prefectural tax
[proof application] [city prefectural tax report] Format downloading (estimate of municipal tax, prefectural tax is possible, too)
Relations with "final income tax return" of income tax and "report of municipal tax, prefectural tax"
Part income and tax of spouse
Structure and taxation system revision of municipal tax
About special collection center (to Yokohama-shi homepage)

Property tax

Property tax when we bought and sold land and house
Property tax when we built house and enlarged a building
Property tax when we demolished house
Property tax when owner of land, house died
City tax when we were damaged to land, house (house), household effects by disaster
Proposal of shipment, general inspection, examination of property tax tax payment letter of advice
Property tax when a part of the land is used as road
About report of depreciable assets

Other city taxes, procedures

Procedure of report (registration, junk car) of light motor vehicles (motor bikes)
News from light motor vehicles tax (keijidosha-zei)
Corporation municipal tax (to Yokohama-shi homepage)
Office tax (to Yokohama-shi homepage)
About fund transfer of the tax payment

About certificate of city tax

About request of certificate about personal municipal tax, prefectural tax
About request of certificate about property tax
About request of tax payment certificate

☆ Tax related information
Question Q&A tax that Yokohama-shi call center is common in
National Tax Agency homepage
It is (e-TAX) about electronic report of national tax
About electronic report of local rates (eLTAX/ L tax)

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