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Kanazawa Ward disaster prevention map

We can confirm publication information of Kanazawa Ward disaster prevention map.

 Disaster prevention map cover image April, 2018 version

We distribute in the first floor of the Kanazawa Ward government office 101st (Ward Administration Promotion Division Public Relations Section) and the sixth floor 603rd (General Affairs Division General Affairs Section).


General view (figure and map which we divided are displayed when we click number of part to want to see.)

[PDF]Figure is Portable Document Format.

General view 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09

  1. Cover "reliable memo of my home" ([PDF]288KB)
  2. Preparations for emergency supplies ([PDF]370KB)
  3. Refuge method ([PDF]451KB) from tsunami
  4. Disaster prevention information E-mail, safety confirmation ([PDF]431KB) at the time of disaster
  5. Refuge ([PDF]1,504KB) at the time of earthquake occurrence
  6. Kanazawa Ward disaster prevention map (leaning to the left part) ([PDF]1,065KB)
  7. Kanazawa Ward disaster prevention map (top right corner part) ([PDF]979KB)
  8. Kanazawa Ward disaster prevention map (lower left part) ([PDF]1,347KB)
  9. Kanazawa Ward disaster prevention map (lower right part) ([PDF]996KB)

Kanazawa Ward inhabitant of a ward life map from this

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