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We updated list of disaster prevention information <Kanazawa strong assistant unit registration offices.>

What is Kanazawa strong assistant unit?

When great earthquake disaster occurred, all of you who had registration to cooperation office system at disaster to have you save area are "Kanazawa strong assistant units".
Emergency activity utilized each business properties and qualification, technique to hold and strong assistant unit and area having you contribute as community support activity to area by support cooperate and will get over difficulty at the time of earthquake disaster in local kizuna.

Registration office sticker 

I hand this cooperation office sticker to people of office which had you register.

List of Kanazawa strong assistant unit registration offices

We are having registration from 108 business Tokoro now.
(construction industry, manufacturing industry, the restaurant business, beauty business, cleaning business, public bath business, newspaper dealership, the hotel business, wholesale trade, schoolchild nursery school, assistant delivery room, nursing care business)

[list of kanazawa strong assistant unit registration offices]


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