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No. 15 2017 starts

Director General and 4 managers

  (the center)  Akihiro Kunihara Director General 
  (from the left the first)  Tsutomu Arai Health and Welfare Center Supervising Director-General
  (from the left the second)  Yoshinobu Uoya vice-Director General
  (from the right the second)  The Masahiro Akimoto Health and Welfare Center head
  (from the right the first)  Kei Wakimoto engineering works office work director


No. 15 2017 starts

 2017 started. We have transfer of management responsibility job on April 1 and will work on the administration of a ward by the new system.
As you know, Kanazawa Ward reaches the constituency system 70th anniversary in 2018 (Heisei 30) of the next year. We established "executive committee which colored the Kanazawa constituency system 70th anniversary by inhabitant of a ward collaboration" consisting of representatives such as area, company, group, school in last October on reaching age of turning point.
 As player of the 70th anniversary, examination plans various business utilized charm of culture, the history like Kanazawa Ward and wants to heap up for the constituency system 70th anniversary with inhabitants of a ward, company, groups this year.
 We would like.
(Director General Akihiro Kunihara)

 We are fishmonger (uoya) who moved than Board of Education Secretariat after an interval of three years on April 1.
We engaged in duties such as local promotion, general affairs in Kanazawa Ward, but ward Government building is replaced with a new one, and I will wrestle for the making of ward that it is easy to live on new feeling for with, too. Thank you for your cooperation.
(vice-Director General Yoshinobu Uoya)

 We will push forward community development which inhabitants of a ward can spend in peace from child care household to elderly person household. We move in Kanazawa Ward, and it is the second year, but appreciates cooperation of local all of you in promotion of business every day.
 This year thank you for your cooperation.
(Health and Welfare Center head Masahiro Akimoto)

 We take thought to say to make their towns to live in better town and want to wrestle for promotion of welfare health coherent in place where is nearer local. In this year thank you for your cooperation.
(Health and Welfare Center Supervising Director-General Tsutomu Arai)

 We are Wakimoto who moved from Environmental Planning Bureau. We will wrestle so that citizen can send comfortable days in security/safety in Kanazawa Ward full of charm including natural rich environment including park of the sea and citizen's forest and Buddhist temple and Shinto shrine reminding me of the history.
 Thank you for your cooperation.
(engineering works office work director Kei Wakimoto)

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From 2012 to 2014 Director General message

It is message of Takumi Hayashi Director General (from 2012 to 2014).

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