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No. 11 42nd Kanazawa Festival fireworks display was held.

No. 11 42nd Kanazawa Festival fireworks display was held.

On Saturday, August 27, the 42nd Kanazawa Festival fireworks display was held in park of the sea.

On the day we were anxious about influence of typhoon 10 or the Yokohama city whether weather was unstable, and rain could hold fireworks display in the situation called falling off and on.
It had begun to rain before 6:00 p.m., but rain went up before launching whether wish of everybody went and was launched safely at 7:00 p.m. and was able to hold.

Families, friends, person, person, person dressed in yukata. 250,000 people were seen.
Face, face, face which 3,500 large bloom blooms in profusion in park of the sea, and look up at night sky.
Meeting first marriage, "celebration fireworks of birth of child prayed for launching, eternal happiness, healthy growth with this year, too".

Including Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations, we are very grateful in having been able to hold fireworks display by company, group, the support, support of many of you including individual.

Thank you.

List of Kanazawa Festival supporting company, groups (2016)

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State on the day
"Peony fireworks" were washed ashore safely this year!

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2016 Kanazawa Ward government office management responsibility job

Director General and 4 manager photographs

  (the center)  Akihiro Kunihara Director General 
  (from the left the first)  Tsutomu Arai Health and Welfare Center Supervising Director-General
  (from the left the second)  Katsutoshi Saito vice-Director General
  (from the right the second)  The Masahiro Akimoto Health and Welfare Center head
  (from the right the first)  shimasatorishidomokujimushocho


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