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No. 1 Kanazawa Director General appointment greetings

No. 1 Kanazawa Director General appointment greetings

 It is Akihiro Kunihara (kuniharaakihiro) who took office as Kanazawa Director General on April 1, everyone, of inhabitant of a ward.

 Kanazawa Ward is known as the scenic ground from ancient times and is attractive town where there are many cultural and historic inheritances including famous place, historic site.

 We are relieved to match power with all the staff, local all of you including me safely and will wrestle for Kanazawa Ward full of vitality.

 Thank you for your cooperation.

         April 1, 2015 Kanazawa Director General Akihiro Kunihara

Country original Director General

2015 Kanazawa Ward government office management responsibility job

Management responsibility job  

  (the center)  Akihiro Kunihara Director General 
  (from the left the first)  Tsutomu Arai Health and Welfare Center Supervising Director-General
  (from the left the second)  Izumi Saito vice-Director General
  (from the right the second)  The Chiaki Tomita Health and Welfare Center head
  (from the right the first)  shimasatorishidomokujimushocho

We think with local all of you and, mainly on new Director General, act and wrestle for the livable making of ward, the making of ward office got close to. As well as last year, we would like.
(vice-Director General Izumi Saito)

We started for our new post in Kanazawa Ward, and two years passed. We realize good Kanazawa Ward again. Thanks in advance for your help this year.
(Health and Welfare Center long Chiaki Tomita)

It is Kanazawa Ward to have spent four years in the first workplace with four years of college student days afterwards. We have all the more deep passion for Kanazawa Ward. We will make an effort in spite of being poor ability so that Kanazawa Ward which returned after an interval of 27 years is fine more brightly, and it is in town which it is easy to live for. Thank you for your cooperation.
(Health and Welfare Center Supervising Director-General Tsutomu Arai) 

As engineering works office vice-director two years thank you very much for your help. "Glance local as for the motto!" . We will wrestle with every effort that inhabitants of a ward are safe and prop up town which can live in peace well sequentially. Thanks in advance for your help.
(engineering works office Satoshi Nagashima)

From 2012 to 2014 Director General message

It is message of Takumi Hayashi Director General (from 2012 to 2014).

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