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We updated Director General message (30 No. 7)

Greetings of the New Year

 On Saturday, February 2, 2019, we held "new Kanazawa public hall completion memory ceremony" of the 70th anniversary of Kanazawa constituency system.

 After tree planting type of Kanazawa eight tree in soft-shelled turtle park where maintenance was pushed forward and tape cutting of completion memory, we performed completion memory ceremony in public hall hall.
We invited all of Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations, company, affiliates in ward to ceremony, and seat which was 596 seats became approximately full.

 We present full concert grand piano made in Stein way company to the beginning of ceremony from "executive committee coloring the Kanazawa constituency system 70th anniversary by inhabitant of a ward collaboration" and have
mashita. Executive committee raised contribution and purchased to give next-generation children dream and hope. Piano of level world's best in new public hall
We really appreciated that we had you donate.

 In ceremony, picture introduced summary of new public hall. As we will introduce this picture in future on homepage, please see by all means.

 In addition, we showed cheap theater of public hall. "Kanazawahakkei Nojima" where it is said to that Edo-jo Castle installed in foyer of public hall had poor actor
We use pattern of fusuma picture of this. When public hall is used, you want to see real cheap theater by all means.

 And, at the end of the ceremony, we had you appear on artist, Tadashi Otawa of Kanazawa Ward native place as surprise guest. In Kanazawa Ward in the days of child
"Children grew big, and, with memory, had message to want to make ward where I thought that was good at that time", and "my home town"
We had you sing two pieces of "words cannot do it" in special version in this.

 We performed mini-concert of Tomoki Sakata who had the choice of Stein way piano cooperate in Part 2 of ceremony. Achievement in the world is expected
We had pianist play the highest-level piano in hall which was particular about sound of sound.

Song which it is impression that we maintain ceremony, but sounds through heart by thing and Oda and Sakata who had present of splendid piano adding color of sound to public hall
We think that it was in ceremony to remain in memory that heart warms in solemn atmosphere very much because performance increased.

Finally we appreciate that we change to all of pianos who had cooperation for contribution.
We would appreciate your using public hall to many inhabitants of a ward by all means in future.

Tree planting type

Tape cutting

State of ceremony

Cheap theater introduction

Performance of Tadashi Otawa

Mini-concert of Tomoki Sakata

2018 Director General message

Greetings of No. 25 New Year
No. 24 "a lot of charm of Kanazawa Ward! Health walking 2018 is held
"Festival was held the 44th Kanazawa Festival of the 70th anniversary of No. 23 Kanazawa constituency system lively"
Kanazawa Festival fireworks display of the 70th anniversary of No. 22 44th Kanazawa constituency system was held

No. 21 Kanazawa Ward reached the 70th anniversary.

It is start of ear of the 70th anniversary of No. 20 constituency system.

2017 Director General message

No. 15 2017 starts
No. 16 43rd Kanazawa Festival fireworks display was held
We went to No. 17 43rd Kanazawa Festival, and smart festival was held
A lot of charm of No. 18 Kanazawa Ward! Health walking 2017 is held
Greetings of No. 19 New Year

2016 Director General message

No. 9 2016 started
No. 10 Kanazawa Zoo Oceania ward reopening
No. 11 42nd Kanazawa Festival fireworks display was held
We went to No. 12 42nd Kanazawa Festival, and smart festival was held
A lot of charm of No. 13 Kanazawa Ward! Holding of health walking 2016
Greetings of No. 14 New Year

2015 Director General message

No. 1 Kanazawa Director General appointment greetings
We devised administration of a ward administration policy in No. 2 2015
We carried out the first training in No. 3 Nojima tsunami refuge facilities
No. 4 41st Kanazawa Festival fireworks display was held
We went to No. 5 41st Kanazawa Festival, and smart festival was held
A lot of charm of No. 6 Kanazawa Ward! Healthy walking 2015 1day walking was held
Greetings of No. 7 beginning of the year
Duties start in No. 8 new Government building

From 2012 to 2014 Director General message

It is message of Takumi Hayashi Director General (from 2012 to 2014).

We click this, and please see.

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