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★Room of latest peony★

Peony illustrationHello. It is "peony".
It is fairy of flower "Botan" of ward
Red big Botan is trademark.
We are doing work of "Kanazawa Ward happiness delivery ambassador".
We love very much very much I LOVE KANAZAWA Kanazawa Ward❤
In this page, sometimes look in wonderful place of Kanazawa Ward, one introducing a lot!

We can download peony coloring from here!

About the use of peony

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Junior high student did in occupation experience on January 24, 2019!

Two junior high students of municipal compulsory education school Nishikanazawa school came to ward office for occupation experience on that day!

Junior high student who came for occupation experience


It is Kawasaki and Adachi of close combination of table tennis club to have come for occupation experience. "We would like all day long!" Occupation experience starts this by cheerful greetings. At first it is explanation of "work of ward office" by the staff. Look to hear story is earnest!


Junior high student who does occupation experience


Work that it is important that ward office press-agents charm of ward. Kanazawa Ward that all live, what kind of ten years, 20 years later; is attractive; was waiting, or had it intended to be, and the staff of ward office think. Title future Kanazawa Ward ...; and "Kanazawa future forecast map!"


Junior high student who does occupation experience

At first town which is full of ... green surely does heart of inhabitant of a ward more wealthily to "Kanazawa future forecast map" of Kawasaki "town filled with green in Kanazawa Ward" (*' ▽` *)


Junior high student who does occupation experience

People gather in town that is smile "Kanazawa future forecast map" of Adachi ... all "wanting you to wait whom all the inhabitants of a ward are late for with smile brightly in every day" more successively.   Town filled with smiles is wonderful (Kanazawa public hall which was just completed that it becomes face of new Kanazawa Ward that, by the way, two people chose *^^*)(*^^*) in shooting place and soft-shelled turtle park maintaining now. We take photograph each other and emphasize Kanazawa Ward with smile!


Junior high student who does occupation experience

Finally we had two people think about "catch phrase" that many people wanted to visit Kanazawa Ward. Result ... which we thought about while remembering good place of Kanazawa Ward this and that
"Come! Town Kanazawa full of the history"
It is decided in this! It is catch phrase which is good to Kanazawa Ward with many historical heritages. (*^^*) which wants two people to convey charm of Kanazawa Ward from now on

It was occupation actually fatigue state! We did our best with two people.
After the end, we take a ceremonial photograph with peony. Peace (^_^)v come to ward office to play with smile again!

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