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Room of latest peony

Peony illustrationHello. It is "peony".
It is fairy of flower "Botan" of ward
Red big Botan is trademark.
We are doing work of "Kanazawa Ward happiness delivery ambassador".
We love very much very much I LOVE KANAZAWA Kanazawa Ward❤
In this page, sometimes look in wonderful place of Kanazawa Ward, one introducing a lot!

We can download peony coloring from here!

About the use of peony

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If we see map on August 13, 2018

It is really hot this year.
When you go out, have without forgetting moisture!



Is it that if we see map of Kanazawa Ward?
In opposite side across Route 1 of Seto Shrine
There was mysterious round place. It will be what.



Is it this neighborhood? There is torii.



Yoritomo Minamoto called "Fukuishi" had stone with connection on this side of torii.



What does torii say?
It seems to be Lake Biwa Shrine! It is Shinto shrine here.

When Yoritomo Minamoto founded Seto Shrine, Masako Hojo of wife after the fashion of husband
kansei did Chikubushima Sarasvati of Lake Biwa and seemed to found.



Point across bridge becomes round land. Is it revealed by photograph?



There was Shinto shrine to round land.



We looked at round place from seaside line Kanazawa-Hakkei Station side.
It is same as map and is round!
If everybody cools down, actually go to see by all means!


We went for Hakkeijima hydrangea festival on June 29, 2018!

Though hot day continues, is all physical condition good kana ~?
Peony is vigorous!



We went for "Hakkeijima hydrangea Festival" this time★



Wow! It is beautiful purple hydrangea♥



We are studying on seeing sign✎
Scientific name of hydrangea to step on to step on is called "Hydrangea macrophylla" (.) and puts down φ memo



We take a short break a little at bench (*'ω `)
It is comfortable to take a rest among beautiful hydrangeas♥



We looked at flower of rare form☆
This flower is hydrangea, too
Very pretty!



It is blue hydrangea "eight beauty spots blue" to be seen only in Hakkeijima! 
It is beautiful blue imaging the sea and the sky



It was day that was happy to see various hydrangeas☆
"Hakkeijima hydrangea festival of the next year depends on pleasure, too"! 



Fried rice serious on May 25, 2018! (Chinese restaurant "one pleasure Land" visit)

Decide delicacy No. 1 of mall of Yokohama-shi; "is serious!" Series.
Theme of this year is fried rice! We accept vote from June 1 to July 31.
From Kanazawa Ward, "one pleasure Land" of Minami River mall is entry♪
Peony has visited shop in order to research in entry product.



"One pleasure Land" that there is from Keikyu Line "Mutsuura" station to a 3-minute walk.
It is Chinese restaurant of town loved for founding 17 years by local everybody!



Many menus were put when we entered shop.
Alternatively, there seems to be still menu.
Though is at a loss, give entry product "fired rice with Chinese cabbage milk Ankake" today; ... ♥(^ ○ ^)/
In addition, on (from June 1 July 31), "fired rice with Chinese cabbage milk Ankake" gives seaweed soup and coffee jelly free for 750 yen (tax-included) during vote period!



Wakita of storekeeper made promptly. "Fired rice with Chinese cabbage milk Ankake" is menu to eat for the first time★
Oh, we smelled good (^q^)



This is "fired rice with Chinese cabbage milk Ankake"! Let's eat.



We seemed to develop this product for entry.
Chinese cabbage milk Ankake enters central hollow of fried rice which we served in doughnut type.
Ankake is mellow, prawns and crab are nyu tteitayo ♥(^^), too



Saying as "is rare fried rice which performed collaboration of western dishes and Chinese food, please have by all means!"; Wakita of storekeeper.
It is open in tandem with Michiko of mother.
As for peony together with a click☆



Besides, today's one coin (500 yen!) of entry product which we introduced There was lunch, too!
Very attractive♪
You eat "fired rice with Chinese cabbage milk Ankake", and support everybody! It is 9 (・▽)

■"One pleasure Land"
 2-7-36, Mutsuuraminami, Kanazawa-ku
 Telephone: 045-516-3946
 Business hours: From 11:30 to 15:30, 17:00 ... 2:00 (business consecutive as for Saturday and Sunday, the celebration at 11:30 until ... 2:00, the following day), the following day
 Regular holiday: On Monday (we close a shop for business, the year-end and New Year holidays on holiday)
■"Serious fried rice!" The details including vote method, please identify official homepage.




Peony of Ryuge mass temple bloomed neatly on May 7, 2018✿

Hello! Sweat; though became cheerful, is all spirit kana ~?



We came to Ryuge mass temple to look at peony★
Is it kana ~ blooming neatly? wakuwaku (●^ o ^●)



In Ryuge mass temple, we held Botan Festival until from 20 to 22 on April!



Lightly pink big peony bloomed♥
Gradation is wonderful



We found yellow Botan around bell of temple this time!
It approaches and will see (^ ○ ^)



Peony was what bigger than face of peony (゜ o ゜)



Peony is flower of Kanazawa Ward. Did you know all? (^^)
Red peony gets on head of peony✿
See linked page about flower Botan of ward in detail♥




There was bud which greatly swelled out to white Botan☆
Big flower will surely bloom♪
We will come to take a walk again next year (*^^*)




We went to designation name temple on March 28, 2018

It became warm.



We went out to designation name temple to play.
Yokohama Local Meteorological Observatory announced that cherry tree (Yoshino cherry tree) flowered on March 19.
Cherry blossoms of temple do what kind of?



Wow! It blooms neatly.
Is it just an inch in full bloom? (as for ※ visit March 24)
In fact, we meet friend.



Was; was! It is boo of mascot of Tsurumi Ward!
He/she came to Kanazawa Ward to play on Keikyu Line. We take a walk together in designation name temple.



Cherry tree has begun to bloom here and there.
Weather is good, too, and garden is beautiful.



There was big bird in pond of garden.
Is it chicken named what? Tell who it is if you know!



We felt love everybody under the blue sky and looked at garden from bridge.



In temple, dandelion bloomed, too. In spring.



Thank you for coming to play boo today!
Did you have you enjoy? Everybody come to Kanazawa Ward to play, too!




February 2, 2018 junior high student occupation experience

Four junior high students of municipal row of trees Junior High School and municipal compulsory education school Nishikanazawa school came to ward office for occupation experience on that day!

Junior high student who came for occupation experience


"We do our best all day long! Thank you in advance!"
All are in good health and are full of motivation ♪ (*' ▽` *) 


Junior high student who participates in parents lesson


At first it is observed "parents lesson" held in Health and Welfare Center (classroom for premama prepapa).
Junior high students hearing lecture by obstetrical teacher seriously.
(*'ω'*) where state at school is indicated


Junior high student who does occupation experience

After the end, we tried clearing of venue hard! (^^)


Junior high student who does occupation experience

We experience occupation in Public Relations Section successively.
From a certain duty, we had you help making of person of "transference set" that you distributed to which moved in to Kanazawa Ward a lot.
We hear explanation of the staff seriously!


Junior high student who does occupation experience

Person of "transference set" that information necessary for life in Kanazawa Ward is varied. 
There is thing to put a lot, and work is great…But he/she did his/her best hard!


Junior high student who does occupation experience

Occupation experience thank you!
Come to ward office to meet peony again (^^)/

Finally we had everybody write impression.
[impression of occupation experience]
●About parents classroom
"We were able to know that it was helpful in the future. We realized that it was tough very." (as for delivery and the child care) Row of trees Junior High School two years Kondo
"Obstetrical teacher told clearly. We were going to help from now on when there was pregnant woman." Ogawa raw for Nishikanazawa school eight years
●About occupation experience in Public Relations Section
"We made person of "transference set" with feeling to want people of transference to know Kanazawa Ward." Row of trees Junior High School two years Abe
Though "we were busy, staff of ward office explained for occupation experience and was very kind people." Ishizuki raw for Nishikanazawa school eight years



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