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Room (July, 2017 ...) of peony

Peony illustrationHello. It is "peony".
It is fairy of flower "Botan" of ward
Red big Botan is trademark.
We do work of "Kanazawa Ward happiness delivery ambassador".
We love very much very much I LOVE KANAZAWA Kanazawa Ward❤
In this page, sometimes look in wonderful place of Kanazawa Ward, one introducing a lot!

We can download peony coloring from here!

About the use of peony

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August 26, 2017 43rd Kanazawa festival fireworks display☆

Hello, everybody! Kanazawa festival fireworks display that we had been waiting for today!



Peony has come to park of the sea of meeting place, too!



We found collecting box! Fireworks display is supported by the fund-raising of many people.
Peony will raise funds, too♥



With Director General with a click!



People gathered plenty. Various shops open a store.
Peony is invited to appetizing smell, too; and ... during walk♪



Oh! We discover all of fire brigade!
Together, "yes, pose"☆



It is almost beginning maruyo - ♥ Waku Waku (^o^)



With volunteer all of woman parts of Machiya Neighborhood Associations with a click!
We tried appeal of donation hard in loud voice for fireworks display of the next year♫



Wow, ... is beautiful♥
It is firework such as peony blooming to head of peony. Very colorful!



There were fireworks of frog, too!



Very big fireworks bloomed boom in night sky♥



That you are waiting impatiently for is peony firework of annual! !
It looks just like peony ☆(●^∀^●)



It is finally the finale ★Blessed with weather, 3,500 fireworks were washed ashore.
Peony is satisfied that wonderful summer memories increase by one again very much, too♥
We will come to watch again next year (@^^)/~~~



We vote and address as student of inter-compress on August 22, 2017★

Though weather changes around in this summer, and physical condition management is difficult, is it all spirit kana ~?
Peony worked on PR of "mascot Grand Prix 2017" with student who participated in internship of Kanazawa Ward government office (Norihiko Hasebe of Kanto Gakuin University, Mihoko Arai of Yokohama City University) today!



We called for vote on the first floor of ward office and distributed handbill!



With small friend with a click! Thank you, everybody whom he/she called out to♥



We are glad this year if we have lot vote than last year ♪ Everybody of Kanazawa Ward has good luck seoippa ... and sends from now on. Support peony sequentially!


"Mascot Grand Prix 2017" vote period: Until Friday, November 10

(we can vote from PC, tablet smartphone feature fonds.)

Vote from this

Please vote once a day ★<(_ _)>



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