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Civil mediation conference

By neighborhood relations and money, trouble of land toward the trouble

Do you know procedure called "civil mediation?"

 Civil mediation is procedure to plan solution of trouble because each other agrees by talks to vomit as we decide victory or defeat like trial.

 By mediation procedure, negotiation committee member chosen among citizen deals with solution to trouble with judge.


About conduct of civil mediation conference

 Civil mediation committee of Yokohama Summary Court gives advice about mediation procedure about neighborhood relations and money, trouble of land.
(we do not make mediation records.)

 Civil mediation conference of Kanazawa Ward government office

Conduct day Friday, June 22, 30, Friday, September 28, Friday, December 21
Consultation time From 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 ※One less than 30 minutes 
Venue The first floor of the Kanazawa Ward government office 101 window Ward Administration Promotion Division Public Relations Section
Address 2-9-1, Deiki, Kanazawa-ku
Counselor Civil mediation committee
Application method Need reservations. Six first arrival. If there is space on conduct daily allowance day, we accept.
Inquiry Telephone: 045-788-7721 fax: 045-784-9580

※As there was a charge for Kanazawa Ward government office parking lot from February 1, 2010, please be careful on the use. As for the details of parking lot charge, please see this.

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