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Judicial scrivener consultation

We establish consultation desk of various registration procedures and debt rearranging (1,400,000 or less) such as real estate.
If you like, please make a reservation for telephone or direct teller.

Instructions on receiving judicial scrivener consultation

  • Authorized judicial scrivener gives a general explanation about the registration or debt rearranging and is solution to problem and consultation to have you refer to when we file. We do not perform concrete legal procedure including making of documents.
  • As for the consultation time, you compile the main point per person for less than 30 minutes, and you prepare for necessary document, and please be consulted.
  • We do not accept consultation over telephone.
  • We do not accept consultation of repetition by the same item.

Judicial scrivener consultation of Kanazawa Ward government office

Conduct day First Tuesday (excluded on the year-end and New Year holidays and holiday)
Consultation time From 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 ※One less than 30 minutes
Meeting place Kanazawa Ward government office the first floor 101 window Ward Administration Promotion Division Public Relations Section
Address 2-9-1, Deiki, Kanazawa-ku (as for the traffic access this)
Counselor Authorized judicial scrivener
Application method Need reservations. Receptionist goes at telephone or direct window.
Inquiry Telephone: 045-788-7721 FAX: 045-784-9580

※As there was a charge for Kanazawa Ward government office parking lot from February 1, 2010, please be careful on the use. As for the details of parking lot charge, please see this.  

Consultation is received any place other than the Kanazawa Ward government office

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