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We carry out trial residence @ Kanazawa Ward!

 Nozomu Kanazawa Kaifu industry housing complex and Kanazawa seaside town were reclaimed land, and 40 years or more passed from creation. It becomes advanced example of urban design that active city administration of city was reflected, and it is in residential area for employee of industry housing complex to live and town which assumes that it is, and was maintained, but aging, population decline advances in industry housing complex in change, residential area of type of industry business condition.
 Therefore it is intended that we promote Nozomu Kanazawa Kaifu industry housing complex and job house proximity of Kanazawa seaside town as one of the approaches of sustainable town development and carries out the trial residence targeting at employees working in Nozomu Kanazawa Kaifu industry housing complex.

<with the trial residence>
 It is program to perform "the making of opportunity of emigration" by having you utilize space rooms and experience the short-term trial residence.  

Conduct summary 

  • Conduct period from Sunday, November 12, 2017 to Saturday, December 9, 2017
  • Application period from Monday, September 11, 2017 to Friday, October 6, 2017 (offer was finished.)
  • Participation rate for free
  • One (employment form does not matter) where is worked at in participation condition Nozomu Kanazawa Kaifu industry housing complex. One where emigration to Kanazawa seaside town is examined, interesting one.
                        Person who can stay more than 20 days in conduct periods. Person who can cooperate with questionnaire or interview after average and the conduct during conduct period.        
  • Article information "Sea Breeze Kanazawa," it is had trouble: 3DK (62.29-69.59 square meters), manager: Yokohama City Housing Supply Corporation


  ※ After the application reception desk, we send documents (questionnaires) necessary for selection. Based on contents of documents which had you submit, we select participant.
  ※ Accommodation expenses such as the food expenses, transportation expenses become participant burden.

    <please confirm this about the details including application method>
  Information for trial residence (Portable Document Format 364KB)

 Press release document

  • [press release document] November 8, 2017

We carry out "trial residence @ Kanazawa Ward"! ... Nozomu Kanazawa Kaifu industry housing complex and job house proximity of Kanazawa seaside town promotion ... (Portable Document Format 484KB)

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