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Promotion top page of "environmental city of the future Kanazawa"

For "environmental city of the future Kanazawa"

 In response to various social problems such as low birthrate and aging or global warming, we challenge for realization of a certain sustainable vitality town.
 We wrestle for attractive town development that it is continued living in by security that we add power and all of area, company, universities in Kanazawa Ward, and anyone can realize "connection" in peace.

Environmental city of the future
※In December, 2011, Yokohama-shi is chosen as "environmental city of the future" by country and pushes forward various approaches.


Approach of Kanazawa Ward

We introduce various approaches in Kanazawa Ward for environmental city of the future!

 ◆"Environmental city of the future Yokohama "kanazawa hachikeikyotei"  

Eight beauty spots agreement logo   In Yokohama-shi, we add power and all of area, company, universities aiming at solution to social problems such as global warming or low birthrate and aging for realization of environmental city of the future and promote energy saving and regional activation plan.  In Kanazawa Ward area, we practiced warming measures including Yokohama green valley design, but concluded railway company, company, university, agreement by person including commerce and industry of eight to cooperate, and to practice regional activation plan of Kanazawa Ward to advance to of low birthrate and aging in addition to this.  We succeed rich nature in the next generation while widening ring of cooperation cooperation with this agreement and heap up town of Kanazawa more and will send the charm widely inside and out.

 ◆In the residential areas, it is reproduction experimental project  

   In Kanazawa Ward which population decline advances to, it will be necessary for citizen to push forward town development that is continued living for in peace in future because there is concern about problem about local living environment. We work on bedroom suburb in Kanazawa Ward and reproduction of housing complex to aim at sustainable town development.

 ◆Eco-friendly beautiful town Kanazawa promotion business 

We push forward approach with effect to follow irreplaceable environment!

 In "eco-friendly beautiful town Kanazawa" promotion office, we promote various approaches that inhabitant of a ward, company, the government collaborates and wrestles for global warming measure action, Yokohama 3R dream (slim), beautification of town for the purpose of succeeding to environment of Kanazawa in defense, the next generation.

 ◆Allied event 

●Environmental city of the future Yokohama kanazawa forum

 The date and time: Saturday, January 10, 2015 (this event was finished) 
 Venue: Kanazawa public hall others

●Smart illuminations Kanazawa

●Tonight is SHOW in all, row of trees! Share ... cool in ... outdoors screening society

 The date and time: Sunday, August 31, 2014 (this event was finished) 
 Place: Kanazawa seaside town former Tokyu Store Chain wall surface

"Tonight is SHOW in all, row of trees! Share ... flyer (PDF450KB) cool in ... outdoors screening society

Associated various approaches

 ◆Forest of Yokohama connection 

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