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Health rises; route made

Health rises; promotion business made

   We devised walking route to utilize as place that could work on health promotion while enjoying road as well as purpose of merely movement!
 It is in course of approximately 13km in total length that included nature such as the sea, green, abundant history resources, characteristic of Kanazawa Ward including old shoreline. In addition, let's walk in your physical strength happily in total while enjoying scenery as there are promenade (promenade) or park, station on the route, and taking break!

Health rises; route made

・We install sign which displayed route in main points (station, park) on route (installing sequentially). We publish the highlight around the point and old photograph in sign other than route.  
General sign

  • Recommendation spot introduction 1

On way of the neighborhood of old shoreline filled up in the 1970s, we feel feature of shoreline at the time and can feel vividness of ginkgo row of trees in autumn.

  • Recommendation spot introduction 2

[Hakkeijima Station pedestrian bridge]
It is pedestrian bridge which leaves Hakkeijima Station of seaside line, and steps over gulf immediately. In the southeastern side, Hakkeijima and Tokyo Bay open, and cityscape in shibagyoko and ward lets you taste open feeling in the blue sky and the blue sea on northwest side.
Hakkeijima Station pedestrian bridge

  • Recommendation spot introduction 3

[Gulf of Hirakata promenade]
It is place where the Kanazawa Ward first-rate seaside is felt. Let alone walk while we look at Gulf of Hirakata and seaside line on day when it was fine, walk while we feel the morning sun and the setting sun is sure to get comfortable thing!
Gulf of Hirakata promenade  

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