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Kanazawa-ku "attractive (say, and untie) dispatch project of local company

We send charm (we say and untie) of Kanazawa Ward hometown company! 

  In Kanazawa Ward, there is industrial housing complex representing Yokohama-shi to seaside part, and company more than 1,000 accumulates here. In addition, in university (Kanto Gakuin University and Yokohama City University) in ward, approximately 15,000 students go to school and, in Kanazawa Ward, strengthen hometown company having various know-how and connection with university and local and want to plan local activation.
 Therefore we launched "Kanazawa Ward "attractive (we say and untie) dispatch of local company" project" consisting of student and staff of ward office of 2 universities in ward in 2013. In 2016 when it was the fourth year, to collect data on ten local companies in ward in viewpoint only by student, and to introduce "charm" such as "characteristic" of each company "strengths", "charm (say, and untie) dispatch of Kanazawa Ward hometown company which saw from student! We issued part4 brochure. We distribute this brochure to 2 universities in ward and grow for job hunting and distribute to use of inhabitant of a ward facilities in ward including ward office and tell local about charm of hometown company.

[project introduction video]
"Attractive (say, and untie) dispatch project PR video of Kanazawa Ward hometown company" (two minutes 51 seconds)

Approach of 2016

[2016 brochure]

・Approach of 2015

[2015 brochure]
・Approach of 2014
[2014 brochure]

[2013 brochure]

"Attractive (we say and untie) dispatch of Kanazawa Ward hometown company which we saw from student!" Brochure (Portable Document Format 9.80MB)

※Adobe Reader is necessary for reading. Please download one that you do not have free.

‐Flow of project‐
[start-type (beginning of August)]
Start type 

[orientation, prior study (beginning of August)]
Orientation, prior study session

[coverage (late August and early September)

Tour of the plant
Visit, explanation in factory


Group photo
Group photo

[middle briefing session (middle of September)]
Middle briefing session

[manuscript making, editing (from the end of September to November)]
Manuscript making, editing

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