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About my number card

About the grant situation of my number card

 We mail grant letter of advice (reservation guidance postcard) to person having you apply for my number card (personal number card) as soon as inspection work of card is completed and we hand and are ready. If grant letter of advice arrives, it is telephone or the Internet on the receipt date and time, and come to "Kanazawa Ward government office the second floor Family Registry Division Mai number card grant window" (※ 1) after reservation.
 We mail grant letter of advice at degree (※ 2) now for about 1-2 months after we have you apply. (Please refer to this for reservation method. (Civic Affairs Bureau Counter Service Division homepage)

 (※ 1) As grant place was changed from Wednesday, March 1, please be careful.

 (※ 2) Handing over may become later to manufacture my number card about card which malfunction was found in in processes of inspection and card damaged by system failure again in J-lis (local public entity information system mechanism). Please understand.

We became able to acquire various certificates in convenience store

◎ With convenience store grant

 Using my number card, it is service that various certificates including copying of resident certificate can acquire with multi-copier installed in convenience stores of the whole country.

 The details about convenience store grant this (Civic Affairs Bureau Counter Service Division homepage)

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