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Kanazawa-Bunko Station East Exit service counter in the city hall

Service counter in the city hall is dealing with certificates such as copying of resident certificate outside business hours of ward office. There were 12 places in the city and, in Kanazawa Ward, was established in Kanazawa-Bunko Station East Exit in August, 1995. Please use.

★As we perform identity verification of one that was able to come to window when certificate is requested, the presentation of photograph identity verification documents belonging to including driver's license, passport, my number card, Basic Resident Register card is necessary. Identity verification documents asks cases that are not with photograph including nation health insurance card for the presentation of yet another identity verification documents and does question for identity verification.
 In addition, presentation of proxy is necessary when proxy/agent is requested. (Seal Registration Certificate is excluded)
★We may not hand cases that request qualification cannot confirm out of ward office open agency time on the spot. 
★We are absent for national holiday and holiday making up for the overlap of holidays on Sunday, from December 29 to January 3.

Kanazawa-Bunko Station East Exit service counter in the city hall mapThe location: 380, Yatsumachi, Kanazawa-ku
Telephone: 789-2022
Keihin Electric Express Kanazawa-Bunko Station East Exit
Go down stairs; and the immediate right side



Outline of business << handling certificate and the handing over date and time >>

Handling certificateFee (Japanese yen)The reception desk date and time
From Monday to FridaySaturday and Sunday
From 7:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. From 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Copying of resident certificate ※1 In Yokohama-shi only in the one with address 300 yen We hand on the spot
Resident certificate items mentioned certificate
Seal Registration Certificate ※2
All the family register matter certificate
(certified copy) ※3
In Yokohama-shi only in the one with permanent domicile 450 yen
Family register individual matter certificate
(abridgment) ※3
Copying of tag of family register ※3 300 yen 
Identification card ※3

※We do not handle 1 "copying of global grant resident certificate" (the Network System for Basic Resident Registers ).
※When you have you request 2 Seal Registration Certificate, take my number card of private seal registration document (Seal Registration card) or claimer. But it is only claimer to be able to request Seal Registration Certificate by my number card.
※Ward office open agency overtime cannot hand copying, identification card of tag of certified copy, abridgment of family register that it is not computerized 3 and family register on the spot. In addition, retention period discarded tag (aratameseiharafuhyo) of family register of aratameseizen on February 23, 2015 for five years.

Handling certificateFee (Japanese yen)The reception desk date and time
From Monday to FridaySaturday and Sunday
7:30 a.m. ...
8:45 a.m.
8:45 a.m. ...
5:15 p.m.
5:15 p.m. ...
7:00 p.m.
9:00 a.m. ...
5:00 p.m.
City, prefectural tax taxation
(income, tax exemption) certificate
In Yokohama-shi only in the one with tax payment place 300 yen Handing over after 11:00 a.m. on that day We hand on the spot Handing over after 11:00 a.m. of open agency day of ward office, the following day
Day is handing over after Monday, the following day on attention) Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Fixed assets tax roll
Entry certificate ※4 ※5
Tax payment certificate
(certificate which has been paid of city tax.
Income, income does not appear.)

※It deals only with request of certificate for the latest year by 4 tax payers (we include spouse, living together family.).
(in the case of proxy/agent request with proxy, come to ward office.)
※On 5 request, please bring property tax tax payment letter of advice for the latest year.

Work that true heart service 1 is speedy

Photograph of windowAfter having accepted in the case of certificate to be able to hand on the spot, it is 5-6 minutes by "all the family register, individual matter certificate (certificate of family register, abridgment), tax proof" in "copying, Seal Registration Certificate of resident certificate" for 1-2 minutes at time to need before handing over. We keep all the staff in mind to be able to hand speedily.



Voice of user

"We have already come. Early. As it is side of station, we can stop by a little and are very convenient. We do it in it on Sunday and. The staff is gentle, too and is kind"
Teramae two orders eyes M, I

It is OK on true heart service 2 Saturday and Sunday

We welcome visitor of the evening warmly early in the morning on Sunday on Saturday. Please use early in the morning as you are relatively not crowded as for the evening. We have with all the staff smile.

Voice of user

"Everyday day is busy and cannot readily come and. He/she does it on Saturday and Sunday and is saved"
6, Tomiokahigashi T, O

As for the true heart service 3 guidance carefully

Photograph of notice We post brochure or handbill of latest city, administration of a ward and tell about information that is familiar to life of ward and city.



Comment of the staff

As "we may be asked about way to tourist attraction or public facilities such as nature of the occasion, Shomiyo temple, we guide carefully"

From true heart service 4 station 0 minutes

Photograph of entrance It is near from station and, anyway, is convenient. One doorway in shopping district. Please drop in at return of shopping and holiday making.
Signboard of Chinese classics character is mark in marine blue.



Voice of user

"We are spirited when we enter inside and are comfortable. Reception of window is careful and is fast and thinks that it is convenient. We recommend the use by all means" 
7, Tomiokanishi S, M

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