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Consultation by specialist job (obstetrical teacher, woman welfare counselor)

Counter in charge the fourth floor 404 window Children and Families Support Division child home support charge (as for the telephone to each number of inquiry column)

Consultation about woman

About the welfare and various consultation about health, the consultation staff such as caseworker or health nurse copes and guide about available service. In addition, we can apply for necessary service.

(1) Health consultation of woman

It is talked by consultation, contraception of the nature by obstetrical teacher, sterile trouble, one of puberty, the menopause
We always accept telephone consultation.
Inquiry 788-7787

(2) Woman welfare consultation

Pair    Elephant Only as for the woman
Inner    yo Specialty counselor copes with family life which is troubling failure, kon moxacautery, spouse of life by violence from immediate person.
We keep absolutely quiet about secret. Please consult in peace.
Consultation method Interview consultation can be reserved on the telephone. In the case of emergency, please come directly.
Inquiry  788-7772

(3) When it is counselor's office, heart of Yokohama woman forum, we talk about synthesis of way of life

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